Graffiti Haiku

Today’s Poetry assignment challenged us to write about graffiti. I was a little stumped so I decided to google some graffiti images to see if any would inspire me. Immediately I thought of the Berlin Wall and the graffiti that covers it, so it became my inspiration.  Continue reading


My Beloved

My beloved, he knows me.
His love is never carefree.
Devotion and love is he.
My soul he is always able to see.

My beloved, he is my support.
Not once has he ever come up short.
When in need, he is never my last resort,
One day I hope to be standing in his court.

My beloved, he has my devotion.
His Grace covers all emotion.
It is deeper than the ocean,
Stronger than any potion.

My beloved, he knows my mind.
While sometimes I am anything but kind.
I search my heart, and I will find,
Into his book, my name is signed.


Poetry 101

Another day in Poetry 101. For some reason, poetry always brings me back to love and gushy feelings. The topic for today was fallacy, and it was a hard one to wrap my head around, but I finally did it! And now I’m actually kind of angry! Not at the topic, but at the person that it brought forward in my mind. I don’t have a title for this one…maybe in time one will come to me.  Continue reading



I know I shouldn’t want it,
But right now I need it.
It may seem like I’m trying to hurt you,
But I just need some space.
I know you think I’m running away,
But I just needed something stable.
I know you hate it,
But I need it.
It’s not that I don’t love you,
But I was suffocating.
It’s not like I wont ever return,
But for now it’s what needs to be.


Shifting Focus

Time seems to slip quietly past me. Not in any noticeable way. Slowly one second steps out of line and fades into the background noise.

Sitting here, thinking away the seconds as if they are a renewable source of energy. Trying to focus on what needs to be done. On life, work, on the things all around me.

I can focus! I will focus! For a moment or two. A handful of seconds really. Yet then, like before, my thoughts are transposed back onto your face.

Once again, there go the seconds – falling out of rank.