Hangang River

Since I have a whole 16 days left in my apartment, I decided that this weekend I needed to get out and start checking things off my to-do list! The first being a trip to Han River. Continue reading


Yeouido Park

I was praying all week that this weekend would have good weather – and my prayers were answered! It’s technically monsoon season now here in South Korea, so the days are mostly grey with a smattering of rain here and there. Thankfully Saturday was a beautifully sunny and hot day!  Continue reading


Night Palace

The first touristy thing I ever did in Korea 5 years ago was to go to a palace. I instantly fell in love, I think mostly because we don’t have palaces in Canada, and the Asian style of buildings are so different to what I have ever seen. It could also have to do with my small obsession with Asian culture (check my university transcript for further proof). Most palaces close at around 5:30pm to the public. However, a co-worker told me that sometimes the palaces will open for night viewings! Continue reading


Tales From the Subway

Today was an interesting day, and it has inspired a new category here on my blog: Tales from the Subway. Things that happen to me while I’m on the subway here in Korea. It should have happened earlier, but alas, here we are.  Continue reading


Water and Orientation

Water is something that I am drawn to when taking photographs. I’m more of a nature/architecture photographer when I have my beautiful Nikon 3000 out and about with me. Since I know I won’t be able to take any new photos today of water (unless you want a picture of my facet running) I’ve decided to share a few of my all time favourite photos with you.  Continue reading