Yeouido Park

I was praying all week that this weekend would have good weather – and my prayers were answered! It’s technically monsoon season now here in South Korea, so the days are mostly grey with a smattering of rain here and there. Thankfully Saturday was a beautifully sunny and hot day!  Continue reading


Night Palace

The first touristy thing I ever did in Korea 5 years ago was to go to a palace. I instantly fell in love, I think mostly because we don’t have palaces in Canada, and the Asian style of buildings are so different to what I have ever seen. It could also have to do with my small obsession with Asian culture (check my university transcript for further proof). Most palaces close at around 5:30pm to the public. However, a co-worker told me that sometimes the palaces will open for night viewings! Continue reading


Water and Orientation

Water is something that I am drawn to when taking photographs. I’m more of a nature/architecture photographer when I have my beautiful Nikon 3000 out and about with me. Since I know I won’t be able to take any new photos today of water (unless you want a picture of my facet running) I’ve decided to share a few of my all time favourite photos with you.  Continue reading