3 Days of Quotes: Day 1

I have been challenged by Joana Salazar to do the 3 Days of Quotes Challenge – I am very excited for this, since it’s my first challenge! But also, because Joana has an amazing blog, one that I personally follow and suggest you check out as well if you haven’t already.  Continue reading


Past Memories, Favourite Quotes

In the process of cleaning out and packing up my room, I have found several journals that I have started over the last few years. I have a habit of starting to journal and then stopping a few months later, then buying a new book I think is pretty and starting the cycle all over again. I’m hoping with blogging that I can curb my obsession with cute journals. In hopes of collecting all my thoughts in one place, this weekend will be devoted to the content of those pages from 2010-2011. Here is a collection of quotes I once loved, and still find comfort in.  Continue reading