I know I shouldn’t want it,
But right now I need it.
It may seem like I’m trying to hurt you,
But I just need some space.
I know you think I’m running away,
But I just needed something stable.
I know you hate it,
But I need it.
It’s not that I don’t love you,
But I was suffocating.
It’s not like I wont ever return,
But for now it’s what needs to be.


Shifting Focus

Time seems to slip quietly past me. Not in any noticeable way. Slowly one second steps out of line and fades into the background noise.

Sitting here, thinking away the seconds as if they are a renewable source of energy. Trying to focus on what needs to be done. On life, work, on the things all around me.

I can focus! I will focus! For a moment or two. A handful of seconds really. Yet then, like before, my thoughts are transposed back onto your face.

Once again, there go the seconds – falling out of rank.


Critique Work

I have always been a lover of words. Ever since I can remember, my favourite activity, if ever given the choice, would be to read. I love books! The way a new book feels in your hands, the smell of old books neglected on the library shelf, the sound of the spine cracking for the first time that delighted me as a child but now sets my teeth on edge as an adult. I love being sucked into someone else’s imagination and watching it play out in my own. But I have never really gotten into poetry.  Continue reading