300 Thursdays

So I have finally decided on that Blogging 101 assignment! It has been a few days since we were asked to give our readers a hook, something unique that we would be doing on our blog on a regular basis. I’ve seen some great ideas floating around, but nothing that really suited me as a writer – especially since what I do here is just personal musings and, at times, incoherent ramblings. BUT! I have finally decided!

*trumpet fan fare*

From now on, I will be implementing 300 Thursdays. What is that you ask?! Great question! Have a seat and I will tell you!

300 Thursdays will be my challenge going forward – on each Thursday, I will write no more than 300 words.


I know!

I tend to write a lot, and just go until the ideas stop or I run out of time. I really enjoyed the word count task from Writing 101 so I’m glad this idea came to me.

Like look at this! I can’t even make a simple announcement, that could have taken less than 30 words to write, and I’m almost at 200.