T – how did you get the name T?

At the beginning of the year, 4th had a school project to learn a little bit about herself and then share it with the class. Which turned into a constant stream of questions for me.  Continue reading


A Series of Sarahs – Sarah 1

They say that as a teacher, there will be certain names that, when you hear them, they will bring war-like flashbacks, causing you to curl into a fetal position for a few hours wondering when the next attack might happen. This is kind of true! Today however, I want to talk about a name that started to influence my life way before I was a teacher. That name is Sarah or Sara. Yes – both versions. I know I usually don’t use real names, but I kind of have to for this. Over the next few days, I’ll tell you about all the Sara(h)s in my life.  Continue reading