Friend Bombs (or “when my friends know my life better than I do”)

This is another long one, so maybe grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (depending on what time you’re reading this) and settle in. I apologize in advance but after sitting on this for almost 36 hours, all the memories just flooded back one at a time, forcing me to squint into my phone frantically typing them out at 1am before my body would let me go to sleep.

I went through many different titles for this post and finally settled on this one. I had a conversation with a friend a few days ago and was informed that I had a boyfriend in grade 11. Continue reading


A Series of Sarahs – Sarah 1

They say that as a teacher, there will be certain names that, when you hear them, they will bring war-like flashbacks, causing you to curl into a fetal position for a few hours wondering when the next attack might happen. This is kind of true! Today however, I want to talk about a name that started to influence my life way before I was a teacher. That name is Sarah or Sara. Yes – both versions. I know I usually don’t use real names, but I kind of have to for this. Over the next few days, I’ll tell you about all the Sara(h)s in my life.  Continue reading


Pictures of the Past

I posted on Monday about all the things I had to do to keep myself off my blog for 4 consecutive days. Ya’ll it was hard. MUCH harder than I had anticipated. One of the things that I decided to do was to go through the pictures on my computer. I thought this would take maybe like an hour or so but it took all freaking day on Sunday.  Continue reading


Childhood revisited

Do you ever have those days where memories from the past just pop into your brain for no reason? Kind of like the dream I wrote about yesterday, where the people in it were completely unexpected, lately I’ve been having just strange little thoughts pop into my head. Current thoughts have been around this random group of ……people?…..

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