7 Days to find “love”

I officially have seven days to find a man.  Continue reading


Being Practical

Today a memory popped into my head. I’m not sure exactly what caused it to be there, it kind of just showed up with no real connection to anything that was happening at the time.

So we’re going to be practical about this? Continue reading


Pictures of the Past

I posted on Monday about all the things I had to do to keep myself off my blog for 4 consecutive days. Ya’ll it was hard. MUCH harder than I had anticipated. One of the things that I decided to do was to go through the pictures on my computer. I thought this would take maybe like an hour or so but it took all freaking day on Sunday.  Continue reading


Life on the calm side

Many people have the idea that I’m kind of a wild child, just from my life choices. I live overseas, far away from home, I have tattoos, I pretty much have to go into rehab to stop myself from getting more tattoos, I’ve had multiple piercings outside of my ears, etc. But really, my life is very straight edged. Continue reading