(one of) The reasons I left teaching

A lot of people always ask me why I gave up teaching in the public sector, especially only after two years of being in it, and before I even had a full time job (another reason I left). The reason I always give is that it was destroying my happiness. I seriously hated it. I hated a lot of things about the system, and it’s hard to put all of those reasons into words that people will understand, because, let’s face it, most of the people asking me these questions think that I just go and play with kids all day (because that’s obviously all a teacher does: read books and play all day, and let kids run around and do whatever they want)  Continue reading


A Series of Sarahs – Sarah 1

They say that as a teacher, there will be certain names that, when you hear them, they will bring war-like flashbacks, causing you to curl into a fetal position for a few hours wondering when the next attack might happen. This is kind of true! Today however, I want to talk about a name that started to influence my life way before I was a teacher. That name is Sarah or Sara. Yes – both versions. I know I usually don’t use real names, but I kind of have to for this. Over the next few days, I’ll tell you about all the Sara(h)s in my life.  Continue reading


Childhood revisited

Do you ever have those days where memories from the past just pop into your brain for no reason? Kind of like the dream I wrote about yesterday, where the people in it were completely unexpected, lately I’ve been having just strange little thoughts pop into my head. Current thoughts have been around this random group of ……people?…..

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