Plucky Little Children

I teach a range of ages at the after school academy  where I work. The youngest that I teach is 8 in Korean age which is like 7 for the Western World, the oldest in my regular classes are 14. As with most children in that age range, they tend to say some really “off the mark” comments.  Continue reading


Fattie Body Happiness

Today at work was rough ya’ll. It’s Thursday so it was my “slow” day. I arrive at 1:30 and classes start at 2:30, lasting for 45 minutes each, plus a 5 minute break. I have a free first class so I don’t start teaching until 3:20. Today, at 3:25 I still had no students in my class (I usually have two but was only expecting 1). No one showed up so from 1:30-5 I had literally nothing to do except drag my butt down the three flights of stairs to Starbucks and then sit in my classroom nursing an iced coffee. I taught from 5-45 and from 7-750 and that was it. How did I fill my time? Buzzfeed and Pinterest obviouslyContinue reading