Online Antics

I’ve written before about some connections that I’ve made in previous years online. I struggle not to call them relationships, because aren’t all connections with people just a different relationship of some sort? But if I label them as such, I think that people will automatically assume it was a romantic thing.  Continue reading


Fattie Body Happiness

Today at work was rough ya’ll. It’s Thursday so it was my “slow” day. I arrive at 1:30 and classes start at 2:30, lasting for 45 minutes each, plus a 5 minute break. I have a free first class so I don’t start teaching until 3:20. Today, at 3:25 I still had no students in my class (I usually have two but was only expecting 1). No one showed up so from 1:30-5 I had literally nothing to do except drag my butt down the three flights of stairs to Starbucks and then sit in my classroom nursing an iced coffee. I taught from 5-45 and from 7-750 and that was it. How did I fill my time? Buzzfeed and Pinterest obviouslyContinue reading