300 Thursdays

So I have finally decided on that Blogging 101 assignment! It has been a few days since we were asked to give our readers a hook, something unique that we would be doing on our blog on a regular basis. I’ve seen some great ideas floating around, but nothing that really suited me as a writer – especially since what I do here is just personal musings and, at times, incoherent ramblings. BUT! I have finally decided!

*trumpet fan fare*

From now on, I will be implementing 300 Thursdays. What is that you ask?! Great question! Have a seat and I will tell you!

300 Thursdays will be my challenge going forward – on each Thursday, I will write no more than 300 words.


I know!

I tend to write a lot, and just go until the ideas stop or I run out of time. I really enjoyed the word count task from Writing 101 so I’m glad this idea came to me.

Like look at this! I can’t even make a simple announcement, that could have taken less than 30 words to write, and I’m almost at 200.


Thank You!

Just a quick thank-you to my friends and followers who have used the “Contact Me” section since I set it up. I am taking note of those suggestions and will use them as my “Prompt Box” as time goes on. For those who have asked to be notified when I post on your topic, I’ll either link your blog, or use the @ + username provided so you know when it’s done! For those who have asked to remain annonymous, your secret identity is safe with me!

Thanks again everyone! And keep the great ideas going!!


Future Man

Dear future husband, here’s a few things you need to know if you wanna be my one and only all my life….

If you weren’t singing that in your head just now, I can forgive you. Not everyone is as much in love with Meghan Trainor’s dance worthy songs as I am. If you need a little bit of a refresher take the 3 minutes to get happy, dance around whatever room you’re in by pressing play: Continue reading