Free vs. Paid Blogging

Hey ya’ll, this post kind of comes from 6 months of looking at the same “tip” every time I sign into wordpress. I have my dashboard set as my bookmark on my computer, so each time I click it to come on over here and get swept away into the world of blog, I see the same little message at the top of my page:  Continue reading


It must be award season!

WOW guys! Seriously – I have been without my regular routine of blogging and interacting and then I finally get my ipad set up on free starbucks wifi and SHA-BAM I have like a kabillion award notifications. So first of all, THANK YOU all so much! It really means a lot to me! In an attempt to limit the number of posts I would have to put out today to get around to all these amazing people, I’ve decided to combine them all together and hopefully all the positive feels will radiate out from one giant post! SO here it goes Continue reading