A small request

Peeps and Meeps, I usually don’t have deep political issues on my blog for the main reason that I like to keep it light and airy and it’s easier to do that with online dating fails and painted nails.

But today is an exception from the rule. It won’t happen very often, but I am asking that if you are Canadian, and especially a resident of Ontario, that you join in petitioning our Prime Minister to take action to stop the current war in Armenia.

As a part of this community, it breaks my heart to see this happening, especially after a ceasefire was declared, and then ignored.

It only takes a few moments and I’d be eternally grateful. You can find a form letter by clicking the pink words below. You can send it as is, or edit it to fit your own sentiments.

Send a letter.

Many thanks.


Sunday Scribblings #23

Aaron’s topic this week is paper.

I don’t know about you, but I love stationery stores. And I always spell stationery as stationary first and then I have to google which spelling I actually need and make the change LOL

Planners and notebooks are a downfall for me. I love them. Even if I don’t need them, I am often sucked into the notebook section, lovingly touching every single one I like and flipped the pages of the empty book knowing full well that I will never use it as I prefer to do my writing on a laptop for easy editing.

I have learned some self-control with my notebooks and I hope to continue that. But I do have a few notebooks at home.

I have one by my bed that has all my passwords in the back of it for everything and the front is where I take random notes that I need or have amassed a list of Bible verse for a book I wanted to write about my 100-days connection to my faith but haven’t started at all.

I have a notebook in my bedside table, it is full of quotes and Bible verses that inspire me. Like from the movie A Walk to Remember? The main character’s mom kept one just like it and that’s where I got the idea.

And I have one other notebook tucked away in a suitcase under my bed. I’m not sure what is in it anymore, but I think the last time I was using it, it had a list of baby names that I loved and wanted to use if/when I ever have children. The list might still be there!

I have a habit of using notebooks for a little while, just a few pages with writing on them, and then forgetting about them. I’ll find them a while later and rip out the used pages and start again. There is something really satisfying about finishing a notebook though. I just did this before I moved in September. A notebook my BFF gave me when I graduated from teachers’ college (7 years ago!) finally had its last page ripped out. It used to have all my passwords but they were transferred over to the new one so I could throw the empty note book out.

I will even take a notebook where the pages are beautiful and I love them, rip all the pages out, cut off the torn edge to make it straight and then just use it as writing paper for notes and grocery lists and things. Last year I used up an entire envelope of such pages writing notes to my students at the end of the year. Hand writing 47 notes took a lot of time and effort but it’s not like I had anything better to do in May and June LOL

So TLDR: I love paper and stationery things and now I want to go and look at notebooks, so thanks a lot for that Aaron…. LOL (jk I’m not mad at all).