Giggling Followers

Giggling Followers is what I have named all you lovely people who read and/or subscribe to my blog. Some of you have become really invested in my life, and I very much appreciate that. It is always a comfort to know that when I have a problem, you will be there for me. And I, in turn, have become invested in your lives. Naturally, there are things that I want to be able to share with you without having to share with the rest of the world, maybe for personal or private reasons, or sometimes just to get some advice on things or to vent.

Under the new category Giggling Followers, there will be some exclusive content. All the posts will be password protected. The same password will be used for all the posts. Those who have followed this blog, and have become part of the community of it, will have access to the password. Head over to my Contact Me page and send me a little note asking for it and I will be more than happy to send you the password.

The only problem is that the password protected posts do not appear in the reader or on my Twitter feed. I suggest getting new posts emailed to you so you never miss out on one.