My Life…

At the school, even though we are “closing at the end of the month” most classes that I teach started new books this month. These books last for two months. Of course, they probably “didn’t know” that we would be closing when they ordered the books.  Continue reading


Friday Game Day

At the hogwon that I teach at, we are suppose to have a games day on Fridays, which I never get to do because I would never finish the books if I took that time to play games. Besides, we watch cartoons and play games every class if we finish our work in time.  Continue reading



Today I had a class of 3 boys. It’s a new class, but two of the boys are very smart and advanced and I always have to have backup activities planned or we are done in 15 minutes and have 30 to fill with nothing to do. They are brothers so it can get a little silly at times. Today a third boy joined them and I was told that he would be joining us every Thursday, in addition to coming Monday and Friday.  Continue reading