Update on the Updated Update

FINALLY!! The news y’all have been waiting for!!

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200 Followers Blog Party

Suzi is having a blog party!! Everyone’s invited!!

My Colourful Life

Today marks the day where I gained 200 followers on this blog! I’m totally amazed and never thought that I would gain 10 followers, let alone 200. When I started this blog I was not really interested in having people follow and read my posts but as time has gone on, you are the guys who keep me coming back and continuing to post. You have been my inspiration and reason to smile and keep going, even on those days that writing is a struggle! Thank you so much!

I would like to invite you all to celebrate with me by taking part in this blog party and share your blog links in the comments and inviting fellow bloggers to share their links too, or even share a link to a blog that you think is awesome! Let’s find new blogs to follow and get to know each other!


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