The Most Boring Three Days


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Adult Conversations

It’s about time for one of the rarest types of posts on my blog. The kind where, before continuing on with my post and ideas, I have to be all legit for a quick second. *clears throat*

The following post will contain ideas and subject matter of an adult-ish nature. If you are not an adult, or are easily offended, or just not the type of person who can read adult-ish content and have a respectful conversation about an adult topic, please pass this post by. 

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A little break

Peeps and Meeps!

Just a little heads up that this blog will be going silent for a little bit. I’ve been struggling lately with ideas to write about and feeling stressed over not writing but then not wanting to write about nothing and feeling stressed about that. I haven’t had the time to make the commitment to the blogs I follow as I would like and then I feel stressed about that.

So for at least a week, there will be no posts, no comments – total radio silence. But I still love you all, and I will be back! Pinky promise.