Pops of Colour

Today’s Photography 101 topic was to experiment with pops of colour. I love having just one pop of colour as a focal point in my photos. Since it’s no longer the weekend and I have no time to go out and get new photos, these are (like so many other posts) from previous excursions.  Continue reading


Movements of the Sun

Well it is Sunday, which usually means I stay at home and take a little break from people and stresses. I sit in a rocking pair of sweats and abuse my Netflix. So it was a perfect day to do the little weekend challenge set out by the Photography 101 class I’m taking. Take a picture of the same spot multiple times over the day to see how the light affects it.  Continue reading


Big and Bold

I am so glad for today’s topic! An idea popped into my head almost instantly and now I’m a little giddy about it! But the giddiness just might be from too much coffee, not enough sleep (seriously I loath whoever is doing construction downstairs…7am every single morning), the awesome shopping trip I just had, or the anticipation of watching The Magic School Bus and playing bingo with my teens tonight. KM and YJ are the silliest pair of 15 year olds I have ever taught and I love them!
Continue reading


Water and Orientation

Water is something that I am drawn to when taking photographs. I’m more of a nature/architecture photographer when I have my beautiful Nikon 3000 out and about with me. Since I know I won’t be able to take any new photos today of water (unless you want a picture of my facet running) I’ve decided to share a few of my all time favourite photos with you.  Continue reading