#atozchallenge – Reflections

After teacher’s college, I’m not sure I can do anything without sitting down and reflecting on what has happened. Each day, we had to fill out a reflections section on our lesson plan page, and the teacher we were working with and/or our advisor, principal, any professor in the Education Department, our dean, etc. could ask to see them at any time. So I will make WLU proud and reflect!  Continue reading


#atozchallenge – Xalapa

For today’s post I had to get just a little bit creative. I looked at the website that listed all the capital cities of countries and wasn’t happy with the selection for X, mostly because there aren’t any countries that have a capital city that starts with X. I went a little off the grid to get my city today which is: Xalapa, the capital city of Veracruz, a state in Mexico.  Continue reading