A 2 week Catch Up

For the 3 people who still read my blog haha!

What have I been doing in the last 14 days? Coughing. That’s about it lol

I returned to work on the 7th. It was a zombie day for me. Work Husband had been doing some work over the weekend at the school and he thought he heard his shirt rip (because goodness his muscles are big enough) but it was in fact something inside his arm. Now if he hadn’t been distracted by THAT all day Monday and in a foul mood (rightly so) he might have noticed just how dead I was and sent me home. But I persisted and got through the day. I got home, and forced myself to eat a proper sized dinner of actual food, and then thankfully I got my energy back. I finally tested negative last Sunday, so it’s been a week now of being covid negative.

The rest of the recovery has just been this cough. The cough brings with it a headache because when I cough so violently, my brain sloshes around inside my skull and then I get headaches. And since my entire body is rattled with the coughing, I am exhausted. I’ve tried many things to break it. Last weekend I tried to get to a clinic (4 clinics actually) but was unsuccessful. I finally just gave up and went to my pharmacy and asked the pharmacists for any suggestions of non-prescription things to help. He gave me a bottle of Dayquil (since Nyquil causes drowsiness) and sent me on my way. My regular clinic is only open the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month so that was yesterday. They open at 10am so I got there at 8:34. I had on my new big puffer jacket, my winter boots, thick socks, a book in my purse and a thermos of hot coffee in my bag. I was 4th in line and at 9:25 they opened the doors! I was in a room at 9:40, and back in my car with a new inhaler by 10.

This new inhaler seems to be working AMAZINGLY! Like the cough is still there but it’s been cut by at least half in the last 22 hours. I was also given a prescription for a new kind of cough syrup but it is apparently sold out everywhere so I got 2 new bottles of Dayquil. I went through two last week alone. But what really seems to be working right now is just the new inhaler and a fisherman’s friend. I have stopped all other forms of help that I thought I was doing and will just focus on this now.

Yesterday was also the wedding of my EA. I got the group gift all sorted. The deadline to contribute was Halloween but that was the day I tested positive for Covid. I asked husband to get the card and the money and pick something. He of course forgot. So after my week off I got it. It had 5 people sign it, and all were the “not in the group” people. There was $120 inside. So I took it home and got a few items off the registry for baking. THEN after I did that, by Friday another $170 came in from last minute people! Thankfully while making the first purchase I got a 30-day trial of Prime and then I went back and got MORE baking things and go them shipped to my house. Put together a nice big box of stuff and wrapped it all up. I gave it to a friend because I knew with my cough there was no way I was going to make it through the party at the end of the night. And honestly, I didn’t really want to go after all the work drama that has happened this year. There were only 5 people from work at the wedding plus our principal. We all sat together. There were SO MANY MORE invited and I hope they at least showed up to the dancing part after.

The service was a Catholic wedding. Husband wanted to show up late, drunk and high, and I told him if he actually wanted to do that (minus the late part) I’d drive him lol He ended up missing is because he had a sick kid at home. I went with another co-worker I was also driving and had a nice time. I was able to keep the cough away by literally just eating fishermans friends THE ENTIRE TIME. One dissolved, I reached into my bag and got another one right away. The service was an hour an a half long (which is why husband wanted to show up late and high lol) and aside from the vows at the very beginning it was all in latin. I have no idea what was going on, and had never been to a Catholic wedding before. I was shocked the couple wasn’t more involved in the service? Like they just sat in chairs at the front while the priest had his back to the people for most of it doing stuff? I don’t know man!

But in other news:

The stress at work has seemed to have dissipated because I didn’t have a mystery attack this month! I’ve been waiting for it and it never arrived! YAY! The professional relationships with co-workers all seem to be back on track, but the personal ones outside of work aren’t there anymore. Which I’m honestly ok with. There seemed to be a shift after I got back from having covid with the attitudes of people and their willingness to have conversations and stuff so that’s been good?

I have fully accepted the fact that I actually love work husband. Like not IN love with him. But gah I do love that man. And the more that I realize and actually am willing to accept that I do, in fact, love him, the less my crush seems to be? Like the less I want to be involved with him? I see his flaws and how we would never work as a couple, even if he wanted to be a couple (which he doesnt with anyone) and I’m ok with that. It’s been really nice lol. We both missed the rum party he wanted me to go to. He said it was last weekend and with this tear in his arm and me dying of covid coughing, it was a no go. ALTHOUGH the person I went to the wedding with yesterday said the rum party was THIS weekend. So if that’s the case, husband is a lying scum and I will call him out on it on Monday lol

I am not dating anyone. Obviously. I can barely make it through the day without hacking a lung onto the floor so I have no interest in dates right now. I’ve paid for Match until mid-January but the men on there are meh. A few I’ve been interested in (pre-covid) but no one ever messages back. I’ve been talking to an ex from Toronto who I’ve remained friends with since we split in March of 2020 and he’s gonna be in Ottawa soon for a visit so we’ll hang out, watch a movie, have some snuggles and butt squeezes and it’ll be all nice.

I can’t remember if I had mentioned it here or not, but my brother and his wife are expecting. They are due a week after my birthday. They have asked my mom if she is willing to host a baby shower, which means they will be having FOUR babyshowers. Which seems a bit ridiculous to me. But I told my mom I’d help if she decided to actually do it. And I am still fully convinced my brother’s wife only married him to have kids and she fully settled and in a few years they will be miserable and hopefully split up. Christmas is coming up and they of course are prioritizing her family gathering again. So I get a few days with my parents alone without them. They will only be coming for 2 nights. So that’s good. Not too much time spent with them.

So yeah. That’s me! Snuggling in for another restful Sunday with a book and some Prime tv shows before my trial runs out!


21 thoughts on “A 2 week Catch Up

  1. Our whole family got Covid. At least we all got it at the same time and have different symptoms so we are still able to function minimally although I am really bummed that I had to miss the library book sale and one of my holiday boutiques. Glad you got some relief for your cough. Mine is just a feeling like I was hit by a truck. I hope I count as one of your 3 🙂

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  2. Oh oh oh, I’m blog reader NUMBER FOUR!!!! I feel very spesh. Why on earth did brother and wife ask your mum to host a baby shower if they already have three happening? Doesn’t she want to pay for any baby stuff and just expects everyone to provide it?

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    • One reason is the distance. None of my relatives will come 8 hours for a baby shower. Especially not in March when they will probably be happening. The trip is too far and the weather is too unpredictable. And because of their short dating relationship before marriage (and her making sure her family traditions get priority) she hasnt met a lot of our relatives. So that is a very valid point.

      But also yes. I think they just want as many free things as possible lol since right now hes the only one with a job. 🙃


    • You and me both! I think its way too much haha I suggested to my mom to either just do a collection and have a gift sent to one here in Ottawa. Or just have a family bbq in the summer where everyone can come and meet both mom and baby

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  3. I’m glad you are feeling much better! Honestly coughing really tires the eff out of you. Which is why if given an option I’d honestly choose the messier cold out of the two.
    I think about your work hubby, that’s the way most crushes go and I am glad you are in a place where it doesn’t have to awkward in your mind/irl.
    Wait did I miss something? Didn’t your brother get married like less than a year ago?
    Also four baby showers??

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