Well, well, well,

If it isn’t covid getting me back into blogging lol

I now understand why people post covid updates haha. I’ve nothing else to share and no other brain power to think of anything. And all my friends who have had covid have reacted in a very different way than I am. So here we are.

If you want to catch up on this saga, you can find my posts here and here.

Thursday night I rapid tested again and within 10 seconds there was an angry thick red line showing I was positive. Which we all knew.

Friday I did the chiropractor at 8am, my ribs and hips and neck all needed adjusted. I woke up feeling very dizzy and very off but I still went. I was past my 5 days of isolation and my fever had broken and my symptoms were improving. I could barely move and I needed to get adjusted. I wore my mask and let the chiro know all about my covid and how I was out of the 5 days and no longer contagious etc etc. He’s an anti-vax type so he was asking about my vaccines and when did I get the last one (boosters are still full swing here, a variant-specific one was available at the end of September) trying to say it was from my booster. But my last booster was in July so no dice there. I do feel a little bad though, because I was still feeling dizzy and whatnot, I was sweating and gross. Sorry doc!

I left and was about 5 minutes from the office when I realized I left my jacket there. Had to turn around and go back to get it. Just as I was going into the clinic, my chiro was leaving? haha! Early morning break for him I guess?

Then since I was out I needed to prioritize my time. Feeling gross meant I needed to be smart. And smart I was not. I went to my pharmacy and got my next HPV vaccine dose. I let them know I had tested positive for covid, maybe led them to believe it was a little bit longer than I had had it, but the pharmacist said that as long as I was feeling ok I could do it. After the first dose, the impressed the time line was strict and I was already a day late for the dose so I’m like “yeah I’m feeling ok….” and I got it. Did a quick grocery shop for some things on sale and a few things I needed, and back home. I laid down for a bit and then had to do school work since it was a work from home day.

I was on a zoom call with one of my EA’s and she mentioned that Husband was talking about me in the staff meeting “if you ever feel off just do what T did, and give me a call” like dude, not cool. I don’t like these people, don’t talk about me! LOL so I called him to sass him a bit. I’ve never called him without an actual reason before so that was a little bit weird but it was nice to have a 5 minute goofy chat with him. I told him I had watched love is bling and it’s so cringy that you have to love it, and he suggested “attack of the killer tomatoes” and it’s sequel “return of the killer tomatoes”. I watched the first yesterday and it is hands down the STUPIDEST thing I have ever seen in my entire life and it was fantastic!! I’m doing the sequel today.

Yesterday I had ZERO energy and lost my appetite. I was in bed at 8pm, slept for about an hour, up for some crackers and coughing and puffers. Then back sleeping from about 11-7am (which was really 8am because we changed our clocks last night lol). I realized this is probably because of the HPV shot I got. My arm is dead today. And in the middle of the night too, I couldn’t even use it to get a drink of water lol.

So in full honesty, I had one super duper sucky struggling to breathe day. And now it’s just all about exhaustion and trying to get back into my normal energy level. Mornings suck, I go through hot flashes a lot. I’ll rapid test tonight, I’m trying every 3 days just so I don’t waste my rapid tests. I’ve been told I won’t test negative until probably day 12 or so. Which is fine.

Tomorrow I will be going back to work. I have been put in charge of the school’s Remembrance Day stuff since last year I planned something for my class and all the classes joined, so this year it fell to me again. We have a Veteran coming in person this year and he’s coming tomorrow, during my prep so I lose that resting time, but I can just sit and listen to the presentation and rest. It will be an interesting day back, no one told the parents in my class I had covid, just that I was sick lol and apparently the staff didn’t really know either? It wasn’t a secret by any means.

Now back to resting! And stupid movies haha


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