Day 4 or 5 of Covid

Who really knows any more…

Thankfully, I think I have been lucky with my symptoms, and I fully believe my vaccines have helped that. With how the virus has manifested in my body, I think if I didn’t have them, I would have ended up in the hospital.

Sunday I had a weird headache which wouldn’t leave. This kept into Monday, and a weird feeling cough started lightly Monday night. It was this strange cough which made me rapid test. Normally I wouldn’t for just a cough, since I am a teacher and have a dry cough most of the year haha but this one was weird. A faint little baby line appeared and thus I had the covid. Work Husband said to stay home, even though I felt fine Monday night. He was sure it would get worse.

Tuesday wasn’t too bad. The cough got a little worse. I emailed work and said I’d take the next two days off (since Friday is a PD day anyway) about an hour later, Husband called and instead of being nice and saying hi, he just goes “I was right wasn’t I? It got worse” like the audacity of this insufferable man LOL we had a nice little chat and he told me to go back to bed, even though he called just as I was getting out of bed from a nap.

Wednesday was the worst. Difficulties breathing, a deep, rattling cough which took all my energy just to cough. Slept about 13 hours during the day. Pressure headache was intense. Ears felt blocked. Raw throat from coughing. Temp was elevated but not really high. Absolutely no energy.

Today has been good. I slept so well over night. Woke up and my temp was in the normal range. My cough is better and not causing my whole body to seize or my throat to feel raw. But my hips have shifted from all the coughing LOL. I haven’t been doing my daily plank since I’ve been sick and from my attacks last week.

I’m glad its just been a short few days of feeling sick and now I’m on the mend. I have my HPV vaccine appointment, it was supposed to be today but I will get it tomorrow. I have a chiropractor appointment first thing tomorrow morning and then will get that shot and come back home. It’s a work from home day for all staff so that’s good. I might even pick up a few groceries since I’m out and then come home for a day of work.

I’m glad I have the asthma puffers that I do at home. They have helped with the worst of it. And some cough medicine. And I’ve been drinking about 3L of water each day just staying hydrated and flushing my system lol. It’s meant bathroom trips like every 30 minutes but if it helped, then I’m glad to have done it. And of course, my vaccines and boosters. Like I said before, I fully believe I would have ended up in the hospital without them. Especially with how my lungs have been over the last few days.

After the weekend of rest, I’ll be back to work on Monday. My EA has been teaching my class since Tuesday and I just hope that she has stayed on task and not deviated from my plans like she usually does. One day is ok to recoup from but 3 whole days… I’m trying not to stress over it lol I’ve watched all the new “Love Is Blind” episodes and have been binging “Downton Abbey” the rest of my days haha. Its been boring and sucky but totally needed.


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