It’s Covid.

It’s finally happened. I got the covid.

I’m honestly surprised that it’s taken this long. Especially since I work in a school teaching primary and at least 20 times a day I have to tell a student to go sanitize their hands because fingers are in their noses or mouths or they have sneezed all over things.

The weekend of the 22nd, a student tested positive in my class. I think I got this from them. Which is fine. We aren’t masking anymore and literally all my students were are the same birthday party that weekend.

I’m not sure when symptoms started to appear for me. I’ve been having some other medical issues with my cycle so I’ve been feeling off for a bit. But I did feel constriction in my throat on Sunday at the gym, even after taking my puffer before going. I have seasonal allergies as well so a runny nose and cough this time of year are normal for me. And I also had a weird headache that afternoon. But chalked that up to the weather and having to sit for an hour and a half listening to a horrible date.

Yesterday the headache lingered. My period also started so I was feeling nauseous all day. Got home, ate some food, felt so much better! But then this cough came back. It just sits so weird in my throat. So, I decided, heck, I’ll rapid test. And after the 15 minutes, the faintest of pink lines had appeared. I texted work husband, since he is the health and safety manager “hey I think I have covid…call me when you can”

He calls and I tell him about the baby line and he’s like “so you know you have covid, T. It’s positive” “but it’s just a baby line!!” which caused him to laugh and tell me it still counts. I was told to stay home today, and thus, here I am writing this instead of being in my classroom. I emailed the principal, who called when she got the email, and had me start to call supply teachers (which isn’t really my job but okies…) I also texted my date from Friday since we were very much sharing a lot of air back and forth LOL I was going to text the jerk from Sunday, but I had already deleted our convo from whatsapp and I didn’t have his number saved before then so guess he’s out of a warning. I sent a text to my landlord to inform the other tenants in the house just to be careful. I try to be when going in and out but I want them to be safe.

Last night, sleeping was weird. I was tired but also super hyped. The cough was annoying for a bit. I woke up today feeling ok but weird. Ya know? Like I can’t really describe it. The cough is worse today. Husband said I’d get worse before better so he anticipates me being off for at least 2-3 days. Still no fever but I do have chills. Of course I took a tylenol for cramp pain which would hide any fever for at least a few hours. So I’m not even going to bother to check right now. So the cough is getting a bit worse, with a sore throat. But honestly I feel a lot better than I was expecting. I feel bad because there is no supply teacher going to my class so my principal will probably have to run it. At least for the morning. I have a possible back up for tomorrow if I can let him know early enough. Just gotta see how the day turns out. For sure I can feel it settling into my lungs a little bit more today. But thankfully I have my puffers for my newly developed asthma. I usually only take one puff of the steroid one (twice a day) but since there’s a lot of coughing I can take 2, twice a day. And if it gets worse, I can do the ventolin to give some relief. I will make a choice by lunch today if I need more time off or not. I’m leaning towards more time off. I hate to use my sick days, but this is kind of important to rest from haha and Friday is a PD Day so I can go in for that and not worry about being energetic.


11 thoughts on “Congratulations!!!

  1. Ugh. Whenever I get sick (not often mind you), it always seems to be around the time my cycle starts. Sounds like you just need to take it easy for a few days and let the virus run its course. Feel better soon!

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    • We have more relaxed rules right now for fully vaccinated people. As long as you dont have a fever and your symptoms are improving you are allowed back. It is *highly* recommended you mask for 10 days after the first positive test.

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    • Lol Rob! Lets stay nice and not force me to say that we both know vaccine and boosters dont prevent you from catching it but rather limits the effects of it if/when you do catch it.

      So far its mild. I will be taking the rest of the week off of work though as per husbands recommendation. I could probably tough it out but honestly I dont want to.

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    • Haha actually I kind of hate that im home for the rest of the week now because the person who is taking over my class is the one i have issues with being too bold and acting too much like a teacher when shes not LOL but Im not gonna worry about it now. Its what has to happen for the class to continue lol and she knows the routines and students well. But its hitting hard now. When I wrote at 1pm to tell them i would be taking the rest of the week off, husband called about an hour later and instead of saying hi he just jumps straight to “i was right wasnt i? It got worse!” LOL the audacity.

      Im resting and hydrating so much! Lots of good things going into the body to help πŸ™‚

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  2. Awh, so sorry it finally caught up to you! πŸ˜• i’m glad you just have mild symptoms but it’s still important to rest and take it easy. That’s what I did when I had it in June.

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    • Yesterday was ROUGH. But my temp dropped back to normal over night, my cough isnt so severe and my energy is back up! I’m glad its improving! I feel for the people who have it much worse than I did. 3 days is nothing lol

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