A Week of Firsts

This is a bit of a TMI post, so please be warned.

This week, I had four firsts so let’s get into it.

  1. On Thursday, I went to Pumpkinferno for the first time ever. Last year I didn’t have a car and it’s an hour and twenty minutes from my house by car. There is no bus option. A student in my class has their birthday at the end of October and they go every year with their family. I bought two tickets last weekend but had a mystery illness attack which made me think I had food poisoning for the entire weekend (and took Monday off work) so I didn’t make it. I repurchased a ticket for Thursday and went by myself. It was in Upper Canada Village and they had all their buildings open, but I didn’t go into them. I was texting friends and family while going around, which only took about 20 minutes. I wasn’t too cold by the end, so I went around a second time. I was glad I did because I was able to see things I missed the first time and was able to really take in the detail and designs better. Enjoy some pictures.

2) I met a guy on Wednesday for a coffee. I was still feeling a bit off from my mystery attack, which has progressed from just a single attack and it’s over after a few hours, to feeling gross for a few days, and was not feeling up to meeting anyone. But this guy has 2 jobs, and it was hard to set up a meeting time. He picked a Starbucks and I went to the wrong one. I was feeling so unlike myself. Like a shadow of me just being held in my body. I feel very out of body when this happens. He gave me the address of the right place and it was legit just a Starbucks in a gas station. We got our drinks at 4:36 and he said he had to leave at 5. I didn’t know that beforehand, but I really like that he was putting in the effort to accommodate my free evening even when he had to work. I didn’t like the first impression I gave so I apologized for being off, and asked for a second date. He came over to my place on Friday (again between jobs, since one client cancelled he had a larger chunk of time). We started watching a movie at my place and a little talking but things very quickly escalated into adult fun. And LET ME TELL YOU. It was, hands down, the best sex I have ever had. I know I only have 7 months of experience to compare it to but WOW. I had almost given up the hope of finding someone who made sex so satisfying. That is until my leg cramped and I had to get off the top and in doing so almost fell off my bed HAHA and of course the sweaty state of my sheets and comforter after. Anytime I have to wash my actual comforter is always a drag.

He has a very expensive nice new 4Runner, and wanted to check on it, so he asked to go for a walk. He showered quick, I should have because I was so sweaty and gross, but then I’d have to deal with the wig thing, so I just got dressed and we went out to check on it. Wobbly legs and all, because I could barely walk. Once at this car, he asked if I wanted to go run some errands and get ice cream and it was cold and like I said, I could barely walk I was so exhausted so I was like “yeeesssss” so we got in and went for a ride. Unfortunately, he then turned out to be incredibly boring and as much as I tried, I couldn’t get him to talk about anything with any sort of enthusiasm. He did spend a good 5 minutes talking about how much he loves car washes, while we were IN the car wash. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of errand dates and doing simple regular things together, but I just couldn’t enjoy this time because we just don’t vibe. So the next day, I waited for him to be done work at 10pm and sent him a text telling him that he was most certainly the best sex I have had but that the spark just wasn’t there to go any further. He didn’t reply which doesn’t shock me. It’s just sad that someone who I enjoyed soooo much sexually, I didn’t vibe with on any other level. But thankfully I know that good sex actually exists and I can focus on that moving forward haha

3) During that date on Friday, I went into an adult fun shop for the first time. My date was getting a toy for a friend of his who was too embarrassed to go himself. He is a good church-going man and couldn’t bring himself to do it, but wanted to spice up his marriage a little bit. I was TOTALLY down. I dragged my barely working legs out of his warm snazzy car and sent pictures of their dildo wall to my best friend. I’ve only ever bought my own toys online so it was an adventure for me haha. I helped him pick something out in the price range he was given (which was way too low IMO LOL) and if I had brought my wallet with me, I would have totally bought a toy myself. I want a new vibrator haha

4) Today, Sunday, I had THE WORST MOST INFURIATING first date I have ever had. This guy appeared at the end of the summer when I was starting to get serious about dating again. We could never get a day that worked for both of us to meet, and I tried to keep the convo going to get to know him while we tried to find a day but he disappeared. He’d pop up and say hi every so often but again, if we weren’t available to meet either that day or the next, he’d disappear. I straight up ignored his last message a week or so ago. He popped up today while I was at the gym, he said hi and asked if I had given up on us meeting and I said no and explained the previous statement to him. “The conversation died out and I stopped pushing it”. He said he understood and apologized for it and asked if we could just meet and see how we are. I figured why not? So we met for coffee at 1pm. The guy was born and raised in Russia, which doesn’t mean anything unless it does. Within the first few minutes, he had already bashed Armenia (after I told him how much I loved the culture and I have an imaginary honorary citizenship from working at an Armenian school in Toronto), said that he was so glad he didn’t have to refer to his dad as Ukranian anymore since Russia had rightfully reclaimed the area his dad grew up in “especially after how shit Ukraine has become” which needs to be corrected. How students with ASD like the ones I teach are a drain on society and our economy and with our technology today there is no reason why they should even be allowed to be born (that last part was implied not explicitly said) and that I should be allowed to beat and taze the students I work with if/when they are disruptive. I was there for an hour and a half and was able to talk for maybe 15 minutes of it. Every time he asked me a question, I would start to answer and he’d cut me off and go on some tangent. He never actually looked me in the eye while talking, always off to the side. And I have been raised to be the type of person to not make a scene in public and had no idea how to just like get up and leave. He checked the time on his phone and I made the “oh I have to go in 15 minutes” lie and we parted. I got into my car and immediately called my best friend and just yelled my experience at her through the phone while driving to get some things for work tomorrow. She offered her own outrage and support for my anger and we talked for about 15 minutes while I sat in my car and, feeling better, I said goodbye and went on my errand. I won’t be reaching out to him AT ALL but if he decides to ask to see me again, it will be a very firm “absolutely not”. JUST WOW. I need to work on my ability to just get up and leave.

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