Online Dating Continues

So I got a paid account…

I had planned on waiting until after this promised invite to work husband’s rum party to get a paid account. He wants me to meet his friends there. And a tiny piece of me is still holding out for him to wise uo and be like “oh my gosh I love you” ๐Ÿ˜… but that 1% aside, I am very happy with us being friends. We have settled into a really great place.

Anyway, so took 159 of my hard earned dollars, for 3 months of a subscription.

Just to let you know how that’s going, one guy matched with me to tell me he didn’t think we were a good match and that I was judgemental (for context no profile said no smokers and that I’m not 420 friendly)

Good to know my money is hard at work there…


10 thoughts on “Online Dating Continues

  1. Yep – smoking is bad for so many reasons that the NHS Choices website can have the privilege of explaining – it’s not about being judgemental – it is about having all your ducks in a row and not being a sandwich short of a picnic.

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