It’s been a while.

I guess I should show up again and make a post. I’ve had a few blogging friends reach out on various platforms to check in and make sure I was ok. I hadn’t realized it had been so long.

But here I am! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to worry anyone. It’s been years since I have had a solid and consistent motivation for blogging, and I have just fallen off.

I’ll try to do a recap of how things are going. But also don’t want to be writing like 3000 words. But if it happens, oh well.


I guess when I disappeared work was just getting started. I was still unsure about things after how the summer ended with all my verbal warnings. My class is going well – I have 6 littles currently. One new little might be starting on Monday. I am still feeling as if I have been shunned and ousted by the EA’s, and that my summer has been shared with those who weren’t even there. I’m not sure how that is going to affect my time at my job. I love the teaching and the importance of changing the lives of such children. But it’s hard when the social aspect isn’t there. It’s also hard because I am having a lot of the frustrations with the EA who was in my class last year, who wasn’t in summer camp, but I am feeling the vibes of outcase from her as well, and she seems to be getting bolder and taking more strides in my class which she shouldn’t. I asked for some coaching on how to approach that, because some of it is learned behaviour just from my own lack of boundaries last year as the teacher and it’s very very frustrating! I also mentioned that after the summer I am hyper sensitive to correcting the EA’s behaviours so any advice would be great. In asking for coaching, my principal asked that I email her the things that were concerning me, and she has mentioned that the EA has kind of been pushing the buttons of others as well and, while my email hasn’t been read yet or brought up (principal has been busy busy this week with reports that needed to go home today), I feel like my documenting just a weeks worth of things is going to be a huge push in disciplining the EA. The principal has also been noticing a lot of her own frustrations with the EA. Especially since she had to be with this EA’s learner for the last two days.

So my one last friend there is my work husband (I do have a nice little bond with a few others but he is my go to guy). It was his birthday today! I wrote in a card that I knew was circulating around and then when he was reading it at lunch stole it away from him and added some hearts because I didn’t want to write them when it was still going around to other people haha. I also made him a whole batch of oatmeal raisin cookies which are his favourite. He got a new puppy a few weeks ago and I’ve been able to see cute pictures and once he had the pup at school for an hour and I got to give him some scratchies.


In August I went to the gym 16/31 days. In September 11/30 days. And so far in October 2/13 LOL I made a deal with my chiro that I would back off on the weights a little bit. I still do them but only do 40lbs on most instead of 60 as it was causing a strain on my back. I need to get back into the gym with a little more regularity.

There is a guy there who is gorgeous and who I can’t help but follow with my eyes whenever he’s there. When I saw him there about a week or so ago, he was with a female. I just assumed they were a couple and that was it. BUT oooooo BUTTTTT last night he was there. And she was there. BUT THEY WEREN’T LIKE TOGETHER?! I have to admit that I was watching him a little bit (and I honestly think he was watching me a bit too last night and the last time he was there! but maybe that was because I was watching him…) And in watching him, I noticed that she was working out doing her own program on her phone. She was using a machine near him and he didn’t even go and check in on her? When he switched to something closer to her, just did his own thing. Now I’m sorry, but if I’m at the gym with my man and he uses some equipment near me and doesn’t come and like check on me or even move his weights near me? Pft. He’s gonna get scolded. THEN when I was leaving, I was sitting and looking into the gym putting on my shoes. She just got onto a bike, and he walks up, fist bumps her, talks a bit and when I was in my car driving away he was leaving ALONE. Again, if my man fist bumps me, Imma be upset. So just maybe they aren’t a couple? haha

Love Life:

Speaking of crushes… I haven’t really been seeing anyone. I ended things with the summer guys. One stuck around and wanted to be friends. We’ve gone to a fair since then, and I went to his house for pizza and boardgames last week. He was a little confused about the “umm don’t kiss me!” part, I guess I was sending mixed messages. But we talked and I think we are clear on the just friends part. He’s sweet but not a good match sexually which is important for me!

I had a few dates with a Colombian man and he just ghosted. Then there was this guy from the summer who always seemed like a serious relationship type. So I reached out (he kept saying hi over the summer) and we had a quick 20 minute meet up last Thursday. Then it was the holiday weekend so I was gone, and Tuesday I went over since he wanted to hang out, which apparently just meant sex, which I’m fine with now, but since I’m also only used to men who are small, that wasn’t so much fun either since he is significantly longer and kept hitting a painful spot. I was vocal about that and we tried a few different positions but still painful. I am starting to realize that the whole “sex before marriage” thing hardly ever works out for the women! How has the gender been putting up with this?!

For now, I’ve paused my dating apps and will wait to see if I actually get an invite to the mysterious rum party that work husband has talked about!


So it was Canadian Thanksgiving last weekend. My brother and his wife sent out an email about a month early saying they wouldn’t be going to my parents’ since SHE was working and not able to take the time off. And they wanted us all at their place (also mentioned Christmas and how for second year in a row they won’t be coming to my parents until after the 26th since HER family always has theirs on the 26th and heaven forbid she have to miss one of HER family events) Thankfully my parents were unable to do Thanksgiving! They offered to come the weekend before, and they did (in their new car! which is a red version of mine!), and my mom said I behaved really well haha! Over the actual holiday I went to my parents’ house and got to spend a lovely weekend there. Saw one of my oldest friends, my cousin was in the province with his partner and I got to see them, I saw my mom’s sister, and 2 of my dad’s brothers with their wife and girlfriend. It was lovely and exhausting.

So there ya have it. A bit of an update.


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    • Honestly, I’ve kind of got to the point where I’m fine being on the outside. I have the work husband and hes a great work confidante. I do socialize with a few others but not to the same extent. I learned my lesson over the summer. Even husband today said today he eas shocked about the summer. And he doesn’t even know all the details.

      Its just the classroom thing. Working with someone who is so over stepping and starting to frustrate more than just me? Its stressful and I’m sure the kids will start to pick up on it if they haven’t already. But her learner is set to move to a different class by January at the latest so she will move with them 🤞🏻🤞🏻

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