Sunday Scribbling #122

Aaron’s word of inspiration today is bed.

When I moved last summer, I got myself a new mattress. Since I was paying for it myself, I wanted something good but inexpensive. The mattress I had been sleeping on was purchased when I was about 17ish so it had lasted about 20 years and it needed to go. I ended up buying a Juno mattress. My BFF had moved a few months prior and she had purchased one as well and she loves it. They are one of the new “rolled mattresses” without any springs inside. It was delivered to my brother’s house about a week or so before I moved so it was ready when I got here. Sleeping on it is a dream! It’s so soft and pillowy, you just sink right in. I do prefer a little bit more of a firmer mattress but once I got used to it, it’s all good. Sometimes if my hips are out a bit, it does make sleeping a little difficult and a firmer mattress would be better, but I do love it. Since I’m the only one who sleeps in it, my side has a nice indentation in it LOL. I might have to rotate it…Actually, I probably should since it’s been more than a year sleeping on one side haha.

Anyway, lately, my bed and I have been having some issues. It seems that my body has decided that it doesn’t want to stay in my bed after 6:43 on a weekend. Like, I was out all day, got home late, stayed up late, went to bed EXHAUSTED, and then I do that cute little stretchy thing and I’m like “ahhhh what a great sleep, I hope it’s not too late to take my birth control” and then I open my eyes and grab my phone and it’s SIX FORTY-THREE!!!!!!!!! Which is great cos I usually take my birth control at 7 but like seriously?! What’s a girl gotta do to sleep in?!!?!?!?!?!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Scribbling #122

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  2. After years of interrupted or no sleep thanks to little Barbarians, my body has lost the ability to sleep. Sleeping in wasn’t my thing before (I’m an early bird), but occasionally it was nice. Never happens anymore 😦

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