Sunday Scribblings #121

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is wildlife.

As a teacher to neurodivergent children, I have come across some very typical and common fixations over the last year. Trains, Thomas the train specifically, pokemon. These are all very popular in my class of littles. But I think that’s normal.

This year, I have a student who is fascinated with animal bones. They will ask if you have ever seen a dead rabbit. “ummm yeah on the side of the road maybe” “no like in the forest, for real” “oh, no” “but have you ever seen a dead rabbit without its fur?” “ummm like the skeleton?” “YEAH” “in a museum sure” “no like in the forest” They came to summer camp for the last week and one day in the pool they spent about 25 minutes just asking me “have you ever seen a dead *insert name of literally any animal they could think of*”

Their little mind looovvvveeessssss animal bones. So much so that an adult drew a picture for them and they drew a little bunny and a dog and the student was quite upset and insistent that the adult draw bones for the animals instead of like live animals.

I think they are going to be a vet or an archaeologist or something!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #121

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  2. Perhaps this isn’t the time to tell them that I used to have a colleague who was studying his PhD and he’d bury all sorts of animals in the compost in his backyard and then a couple of months later dig them up for the skeletons, lol.

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