The Crazy Ex

Has popped up again for his summerly annoyance.

In the summer of 2018, I dated this one guy. Yes, you read that correctly, the summer of 2018. We were together for about a month or so, and at first, it was going well but then a lot of little red flags were popping up. Mostly his literal whining over not having sex.

When I finally ended things in August, he had a toddler-style tantrum, basically calling me all these names and then saying he was stupid for leaving his MGTOW system and that he was going back to it. Then around November he popped up again on Instagram, we started talking, and then a few days later he was all “I’m sorry I can’t talk anymore, I’ve been seeing this amazing woman and it’s not fair to her” Then why even pop back up? Dude. This time I called him a few choice words and expected it to be done with.

Fast forward a year to the summer of 2019. I had just moved into my new place, was excited to start my new job as a real teacher, and was working at a new job for the summer. I get a message on Whatsapp from an unknown number. I ask who it is and they are like “oohh sorry I forgot I wasn’t supposed to message” and toyed with me for WEEKS!! The guy I was seeing at the time took the number and tried to search it (he knew how to do these things) but all he could get was that it was a Toronto area number and that it was with a specific company. I learned how to block people on Whatsapp and moved on.

In the spring of 2021, I was just starting my job search for a new job. I had moved apartments again in the summer of 2021, and in just a few months I would be moving again. I now have my nail art Instagram. I get a message from a random person who had a profile picture that I can’t really make out. It’s just the back of a man in the forest but from far away. They messaged asking how I was, but just the way that it was phrased made it seem like they knew me. So I asked if they did. And they kept toying with me. They said to call them and find out and provided a number. THE SAME NUMBER FROM THE SUMMER OF 2019!! And now I knew who it was. You can read the actual conversation here. I still giggle over the fact that he spent the time to delete every single one of his messages from the chat when I had already taken screen grabs of them HAHA

Now here we are again. Summer 2022. Like he has a thing for summer I guess? He popped up again a few weeks ago on my nail Instagram. My personal Instagram is private and he can’t look at it freely. I knew immediately who it was based on their Instagram name. This time they had no picture. But they liked a picture from about a year ago and then sent me a message and then followed me. We had a little conversation, as detailed below, and then he blocked and deleted me. This time he didn’t delete the messages like he did in 2021. But at least now, Instagram has an option to block the account AND any future accounts that the person will make. So it’s finally over. Thank goodness.

Since I know who this person is, I know this isn’t their real name so I’m not going to blot it out.

14 thoughts on “The Crazy Ex

  1. Are used to have an ex who would show up out of the blue and bring me Chinese food to my work. I worked in the mailbox place so there was lots of downtime she would bring me Chinese food and she would tell me all about how wonderful the sky was that she was dead and how much better than he was at such. iโ€™m not sure if maybe she was trying to put me down or insult me or whatever but I just took it at face value that she thought this guy was way better than me and just wanted me to know it. Which also happened to coincide with her bringing me Chinese food from my favorite place.
    My new girlfriend and every friend I had who I share the story with offered it was absolutely horrible that she would do this I didnโ€™t understand why I would let her come and tell me all that stuff. I would say itโ€™s really good Chinese food.
    It took me a while to realize there wasnโ€™t something terribly wrong with me I was just out for her and didnโ€™t really value your opinion that much.

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