7 Year itch

This post will not be about the movie that the title and gif reference.

Today is 7 years since I started this blog. Of course, it was created on a different website so I don’t get the WordPress anniversary notification for a few more months, but here we are.

Every year this post is a form of thanks to all my followers and hopes for the future. But this year, not so much. I feel disconnected from my blog. I don’t have the motivation to work on it, I feel like I’m not connecting with my followers in any meaningful way anymore. It is more like a chore instead of an outlet and a hobby.

So happy 7 years I guess.

29 thoughts on “7 Year itch

  1. I think that the blogging scene was much more robust 7 years ago. It feels that some frequent bloggers have dropped off. It’s as though they had a message to get out, and once completed, it was over. I often feel the same. Like I have nothing left. Some who left have come back, then disappeared again. I don’t have an answer, other than it doesn’t have to a decision to blog or not. Don’t feel obligated to post, and that way it’ll be a hobby again.

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    • I’ve tried that “dont feel obligated” and its never come back. I do think that blogging was much more involved when I started. But I also feel like I put the effort in more back then too. I have blogs I follow who still follow my blog but they never interact with it, I’ve stopped interacting with others, its just not what it was before

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    • I agree- I started 7 years ago too, and it felt like such a community, I couldn’t wait to be online & interact! Perhaps now there are more interactions on TikTok & Insta, as the next generation bursts into their creativity & hustle? It feels harder to have meaningful interactions here, with a few exceptions of course. G in Australia 🙂

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  2. Happy Anniversary, but yes, I kinda get the ‘meh’ feeling… times have changed indeed. Blogging AND COMMENTING used to be so compelling; I have over 1400 followers, but only get 10 comments maximum now (of which you are one of course). Maybe Covid times made everyone move to TikTok?

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  3. It’s been 13 years of blogging for me and this year has been a struggle – not because I don’t want to but I’ve struggled with time. I do think social media has overtaken blogs, but I still enjoy mine more than posting on social media. I think blogging is actually less effort than social media apps where the stream never ends. Mind you, it’s been a particularly cold winter here and our heating broke and my motivation when I am cold for anything is practically nil. Spring is just a mere few days away, so I am hoping with warmer days will come motivation.

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    • Awww oh no! Your heat broke?!? Thats so horrible!!!

      I understand the no motivation thing. I barely have any for anything these days. I really should have taken more of a break this summer cos I am burnt out


  4. I have never been concerned about numbers. So when my followers hit 500 I thought bugger this, if followers don’t interact I delete them. I understand people get busy, sidetracked and move on elsewhere. Given that , no interaction after a three month period delete them.
    I find this so much more real…..

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    • I have done the same a few times. But then I just gave up on cleaning up the followers list haha! There are a few followers I know who are still active on wordpress and I wish they would be more active on my blog again…


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  6. Happy anniversary. I’m pretty new to your blog, so I hope you stick around.

    I agree about the blogging though, when I first started, there were a bunch of us from another forum. That forum shut down, and we started a private FB group, so we could all stay in touch. We’re all pretty much still there, but no one actively posts in the group. We get updates through the feeds. We all had our blogs, and it was so much fun. It’s kind of depressing now, really. LOL

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  7. Happy anniversary! I’m one of the ones that stopped interacting… I still like reading blogs, but since I had to delete mine (along with all my social media accounts), it only makes me nostalgic and a little sad because I miss it. I hope you stick around though, because I really enjoy reading you!

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