5am Psychopaths

And now I might be one of them…

So work husband is one of those psychopathic people who likes to get up at 5am and go to the gym to workout. A while ago, he was saying that I should also go then – since I always complain that i have to wait for weight machines. He said the morning is better and I’d enjoy it more and it’s a great way to start the day. I agree on all these points! I love going in the morning! But the thing is, I then have to go home and shower and put a wig on over either damp hair, or buy a blow dryer and put it on over hot and humid hair. He said I won and he understands. Not sure what I was winning, but I’ll take it!

Anyway, last week I didn’t have to go to work because it was a week off, so I decided I wanted to go to the gym at 5am to see if I could make it work. I also wanted to go 5 days in a row.

The Monday I went at 7, and Tuesday and Wednesday I went at 5:30. The first 5am wake up was ok. I had the energy, it was indeed a great start to the day! I even texted husband at 5:30 when I got there so he knew that I was doing it! Wednesday, I went and I was dizzy and nauseaus the entire time. I did a shortened workout, I didn’t put a lot of effort into it, and I used an exercise bike instead of the elliptical.

I went home and had to take 2 naps to make it through the day on Wednesday. I had my second booster on Saturday so by Wednesday, I just kept getting more and more covid symptoms until Wednesday and my body just crashed. I’m sure the 3 days in a row of early morning gym times took a toll on my body as well.

Thusday I took the day to drive to Toronto to see a friend for lunch, and since I was there I also got some gin for husband he was wanting which he can’t get here.

Friday morning I was back in the gym! I had an oil change (CARlos’ first ever!!) and then headed to the gym after that. 10:30 at the gym is great too! I let the husband know the benefits of the 5am were at 10:30 as well, but also the Silver Fox Squad was much better at the later morning time haha!!

I do love the morning workouts. But I just can’t do them every day. But that stats were nice to have.

This week, I’ve gone Sunday morning and had a great workout. I tried to go Tuesday morning. My alarm went off at 5am and I promptly turned it off and woke up at 7 like normal for work haha!! I went to the gym after work on Tuesday and it was SO BUSY. I walked in and was like “ew people” and then tried to just work out anyway. I did about 30 minutes on the elliptical, was annoyed that 8 machines were empty around me and some guy decided to use the one right beside me and grunt the whole time, I think he tried to talk to me once but I was not acknowledging that. I texted husband that the gym was ruined for me now and went home.

Woke up yesterday at 5am and did my regular routine in peace with the exactly 4 other people who were there at 5:30 when I arrived. And then went to work and tols husband I was mad at him for ruining my contentment of the after work gym lol.

I would love to keep it up into the school year, but I’m not sure if I can. Maybe a few times a week!! Definitely not once a day. And in the winter that might change with snowfalls haha

28 thoughts on “5am Psychopaths

  1. That’s very impressive. I tried doing 5am gym classes and I was the same, so tired during the day. I thought if I kept doing it I would get used to it but it just meant I would have to go to bed even earlier. I think I’m more a 7am gym person 😊. Amazing stats too by the way, 1000 calories in one session, I have never done that!

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  2. I am a firm believer that you are either a morning workout kind of person, or you’re not. Period. No way should you try and force yourself to workout at a certain time of day for any reason; if you’re not feeling it, don’t force it. I like to go at 8pm (or about 1-1.5 hours after having dinner). It’s typically not too busy. I get home, shower and spend about an hour winding down and usually sleep really well. My husband prefers to go right after work, but usually goes when I do because there are fewer people; he doesn’t like it when it’s peopley either. πŸ™‚

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  3. Welcome to the 5am club. I don’t workout per se, but I start my day at 5am and when I’m in my groove do a yoga routine, meditation, and some writing/drawing before 6am. When I’m not in my groove I at least get some writing/drawing done before taking a morning nap. Haha.

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    • Oh nice! I never thought I’d enjoy the pre-work workout but its just so great to start my day that way! I went today and it gave me lots of energy for the day. I love it now! And I hope to carry it into the school year


      • Well, I was walking after dark around the block, but didn’t feel safe. It’s too hot to walk between the hours of 9 and 9 with 100 degree temps. I’m in Texas and it’s been extremely hot this summer. So the first time my husband drove me out to the mall it was 7:45 PM. I googled the mall hours and it said they closed at 8:00 PM. I figured that if I was in the mall before 8, I could get some walking in even if the stores were closed before I was booted out. At 7:45 PM, the doors were already locked. It took some doing to get my husband to take me back again, but we got there before 7:15. Again, the doors were locked. I went to a nearby store and the manager there told me the mall’s in financial trouble. She thought they were closing around 5 PM. Soooo….haven’t been back because the timing hasn’t worked for me. The good news is that we are supposed to have rain and much cooler temps over the next week! Yay! Gonna try walking the neighborhood again then. Wish me luck! Mona

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  4. I am definitely a morning person, but my problem in winter (which we are in now) is that it is dark and cold, so I tend to lie in bed and deal with emails etc instead. As soon as the days get a little longer and warmer I will be up early again (although daylight savings ruins it for me).

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    • I am the exact sammmmmeeee!!!! Im not sure if its from the lack of routine or the stress of work, but the 5am hasnt been working for me as well as it did the first week. I think I need to have 5am be my every day wake up time. Im on holidays again now for this week so I can try it out. But again, work stress has me exhausted (I’m sure you’ll get to that post soon). And the winter will SUCK. Because sometimes the driveway will be snowed in and I wont be able to get out haha


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