A Haunted House

Is what I now live in apparently.

I feel like this summer is cursed a little bit. With the drama at camp, the craziness of my dating life, and a few random not serious health issues – it just seems like everything is stacking up against me.

About two weeks ago, I had a random attack of the mystery illness I had in South Korea in the winter and spring of 2011. So that happened on Tuesday overnight. THEN on Wednesday, I was exhausted. I got ready for bed and was ready for sleep around 10.

While brushing my teeth, I thought I heard some faint crying through the vents. Ya know, people have lives and it happens that sometimes we need to cry. I get it. I didn’t think much of it. Then, I was just turning off my light and there were some loud boots on the ceiling above my bed, in the bedroom right over mine. I was a little annoyed, but it wasn’t 11pm yet which is our house mandatory quiet time, so I just rolled over and fell asleep. Like I said, I was exhausted.

I woke up around 2am or so to go to the bathroom, and as is my usual routine, I checked my phone when I got back into bed. There was a text message so I opened the app just to see who it was from and it was from my landlord. She regretted sending the text but didn’t want to call so late (it came at 11:50pm) but the lady who was renting the room above mine was FOUND DEAD IN HER ROOM AND THE POLICE WERE CONDUCTING AN INVESTIGATION!

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah okies then!

I was notified the next day that the death was natural causes, and that the tenant had kidney disease and had been ill for quite some time. I had only seen her once in a year, which was back in December and only spoke to her for about 35 seconds and that was it. After her daughter came to clean out the room, there are about 100 (literally) wine and spirit bottles outside for recycling. Since she has a grown daughter, I think she was at least 40-60? I have no idea.

Other than the fact that she died above my room, I was not affected by this news. But all my friends now say that my house is haunted.

10 thoughts on “A Haunted House

  1. Yikes! The husband of the previous owner died in our house and they had to disclose that when we bought it. We haven’t had any spirit visits so I guess he was okay with dying and had no unfinished business.

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  2. As you didn’t have a personal connection I don’t think it was a surprise you got back to sleep so easily. I’m not worried for you re the ghosts, but the fact they are wanting to sell! I hope that doesn’t see you out of a rental again.

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    • Nope! They will require the new landlord to honor all existing leases. Im good until at least next August as I just resigned. Coins have just let it roll into month to month but I wanted the security of the year lease exactly because they are looking to sell


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