Sunday Scribblings #117

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is lighthouse.

I have never understood why lighthouses are seen as these romantic places in romance novels. The sea is raging outside, there are probably ghosts all around because of all the boats that have crashed, is cold and damp and gross. Ew.

One time while a leader at a summer camp, we took the kids to a light house and we all got to go up. I was with the littlest group and had two other adults with me. One, a responsible leader in training, and the other, a creepy guy.

We were taking our kids up the ladder to the very top, but I didn’t want to go up because I’m scared of heights and the ladder was narrow and not T friendly because I’m scared lol Anyway, the guy leader was taking the kids up and he wasn’t telling them to go down the ladder backwards for safety and one kid slipped and slid ALL THE WAY DOWN!!! So obviously I am checking over this little boy, his hands, his feet, his emotions. It was an unfinished wooden plank for a railing and like splinters!

This other leader, this creepy guy, was laughing at me for “freaking out”. Like excuse me, dude, this kid could be seriously hurt and I’m doing my job just checking him over.

From that moment on, I have hated lighthouses even more than the bad feelings before that. So yeah. No lighthouses for me.

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