Asian Food Festival

The summer has been going in fine form!

As it’s summer and Covid restrictions have loosened quite a bit, I have been able to get out more and do things with my friends from work.

Last weekend, I went to an Asian Food Festival downtown with a co-worker turned friend. She picked me up and drove us. It was a cute little festival, I was expecting a little bit more of a variety in the food but it was still good.

We found that almost every place we went wanted cash, so we had to find a bank and get withdrawals for both of us. Then the first two places we went to after that journey, were debit only! It was a bit frustrating lol.

I did try my hand at a claw machine game and did not even come close to picking up any toys. My friend ALMOST got something but she didn’t get it into the tunnel.

I enjoyed all of it except the pink weird looking thing. It’s an ice cream burrito. It was right beside a churro stand, and I thought they were the same thing, but nopes. I was expecting like ice cream wrapped in something and fried ish type? But it was wrapped in cotton candy. Work Husband was texted and I said I would not be going into work two days later because of a possible sugar coma. He asked what it was, and after the explanation, he said he wanted one haha. I ate the ice cream out of the middle, had maybe two fork fulls of cotton candy and then threw away the rest. I was not impressed that I spent $15 on it.

Here are pictures of the food that I got.

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