Nail Art: Summer Fruit

Getting a little fruity this week.

I am off from camp for a week and decided that I wanted to have some extra special nails. It’s a long weekend here in Canada so I didn’t mind taking the time on Saturday to do a more involved design since I had the long weekend AND a whole week after off. It’s really quite freeing to have that much free time. But Saturday afternoon I was also getting my 4th covid vaccine (yay for the boosters and for working with at risk kids!) and my 3rd dose hit me really hard so I wanted to get my nails done a day early just incase this one also hit me hard. It didn’t, but just in case!

I didn’t really have any inspiration for this design. Even Saturday morning I still didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had decided on a nice white nail. I never have just a full set of white nails. It’s usually white as the accent. A girl that I work with did dip powder nails last week and did a white with a shiny chrome powder rubbed on top. They were just so simple and chic. So I kinda copied that. I did a white base, and at Christmas, one of the polishes from my advent calendar was a shimmery clear-ish type of colour. So I put a coat of that over top of the white. It gives it just a tiny little baby hit of shine and I love it.

Then I decided on summery fruit – which if you follow my Instagram or read the title of this post you would have guessed already. But I didn’t want to do just one fruit. I have a stamping plate with a BUNCH of fruits and so I just picked a few until I ran out of time and needed to clean up for my booster appointment. In total, I got 4 different stamps on my nails.

I did the reverse stamping, which is picking up the outline, filling it in while on the stamper, and then transferring it to your nail. I love doing this, I think it looks so good! But I didn’t let the polish dry enough for a few and they smudged a bit in transferring but they still look super cute! I also had to mix my own colours for a few things, which you can see in the video. My only regret was that the purple for the blackberries and/or raspberries is too dark. You can’t really see the definition of the outlines unless you are looking VERY close. But that’s ok!! I love these nails. I kinda wish I had time to put on some lemons, but I added them Sunday morning right after typing up this post because I am avoiding an online course I have to do for work.

Here is the original final result (lemons are on the pinky of the hand with the watermelon)

And my video:


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