Sunday Scribblings #116

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is avocado.

Friends, don’t you just love when something happens and it’s like the universe is aligning for you? Last week, Aaron’s word was self-care and I had just come off of a really stressful and frustrating week at work and I needed some personal self-care.

This week, I see the word avocado on Wednesday. And I think to myself what a wonderful world “hmms I don’t have camp next week, I can get avocados for avocado toast for breakfast!” And then I decided to not do my regular routine next week but to try something new and become a psychopath like my work husband (more on that next weekend if I survive) so I didn’t get them when I was shopping. Even though they were on sale!!

I hate buying avocados. Like there’s no way to get a good one unless you plan to feel up all the avocados there and then eat just the one you selected as ripe at that moment that very same day. Which I never do. I usually buy a bag of avocados and then have like 6 or 7 of them and half of them are rock hard and it’s just a pain.

But I do enjoy the taste. They are quite yummy. And to just get a piece of plain white toast, some butter, avocado slices and salt and pepper? Like that is just SO GOOD. Sometimes I’ll throw an egg on top if I’m feeling fancy but I don’t most days.

Anyway, while I was getting this post set up on my laptop to write, I was also on my phone looking at Facebook and this video came up and it was like the universe aligned itself for a second week in a row. Sorry I don’t know how to embed it so that it plays in the post, but enjoy it all the same by clicking the link lol


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