Nail Art: Its All Games

A forgotten draft which never got posted…

As I am running summer camp at my work this year, I got to pick the themes for the first 4 weeks. This week is “the games we love”.

My cousin’s partner has demanded a design with nails. He saw that in my advent calendar, there were a pair of wooden dice for the last day and ever since then he has demanded dice! And he’s quite relentless lol

I decided to pair the theme and the nails together. I also decided to make nail stickers instead of drawing free hand on my actual nail.

I did my regular routine: clear top coat on a ziplock bag, let dry, design on top, let dry, peel off, stick on nails, top coat.

Except they didnt peel!!! Only the dice peeled off!!! The rest, I had to literally cut them off the baggie and put that on my nail.

Thankfully you can’t really tell.

This was supposed to be posted last Monday, but I guess it was saved as a draft and not as a scheduled post. So you get it today as a bonus post! But also, a new nail art post will be up tomorrow.


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