Sunday Scribblings #115

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is self-care.

Honestly, this prompt could not have come at a more perfect timing.

Lately, I have not been doing well. I was so excited for summer camp and it just seems like for the last 2 weeks it was just one thing after another after another and by Friday I was just so overly emotional and done that I came home and legit cried while having a shower. Just a release of tears but it was needed and I honestly felt so much better after.

Usually, I have more downtime. But with my hot gurl hoe summer of dating, I’ve been going out a lot. I’m making plans with guys and with friends and really trying to enjoy my summer. Especially since I have a car to make it easier to do things.

But for me, downtime is definitely needed. I like to be alone and enjoy that silence and separation from people and social things. When you add in the fact that one of my staff members at camp has basically called me a dictator, and has actually told me I’m on a power trip, the social aspect of work takes a lot more energy than normal. I was frustrated before with some of the EAs, but now it’s just a lot. So quiet and alone time is needed.

I also personally need the gym. It’s a release of energy and a good feeling that I need. Lately, I haven’t been going. I hurt my hips and had to wait to get them adjusted back. It’s been so humid that my asthma has been acting up so the gym is not the best place. I haven’t gone in over a week. But I’m going back today. I have been doing my hip strengthening exercises (the dreaded planks) and feel recovered enough to actually go and get sweaty.

I need good sleep. Which hasn’t been happening a lot lately either. Last night was amazing though! 8.5 hours of actual sleep according to my Fitbit! So that was great.

And I need time to enjoy my hobbies. Like my nail art. Lately, it’s kind of felt like a drag and a chore, but this week I have some cute things going on and I’m super proud of them.

All these things contribute to my own self-care. And I need to start implementing them a little bit more in my own life to get a nice little balance back haha.


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