Summer Camp

Halfway done the themed weeks!

We have just finished two weeks of summer camp. This means we have two more weeks and then a week off.

The first week went pretty ok! It was my first time leading the camp so it was a little nerve-wracking but that’s ok! We made it through. We only had a few instances of behaviours. We took our field trip to the Museum of Natural history to look at dinosaurs since our theme was dinosaurs. That day was a horrible day! I stepped on a twig and cut my toe, I got bit by a camper having some overwhelming emotions (not on purpose, he was trying to bite himself and I was trying to stop that) and then got kicked and scratched by another camper who decided he was going to elope from camp. Um no. But Work Husband came to the field trip and hung out in my group so that made my whole day better!

But my staff was amazing and I had a good time. Also learned that Husband has a nipple piercing, cos he came swimming with us one day. We go every day except Wednesdays.

Week two was Safari week and started with me waking up to my period (oh…yay…) and then I get an email that there is a Covid outbreak at the charity and we have to wear masks indoors, and then I get to work and am told that they are waxing the floors on the top level and we aren’t allowed inside all week. One of the staff started on Monday, and he is kind of trying to take control of the camp and telling the campers things that he shouldn’t be and trying to control the activities and stuff but I’m trying to let it go since this week was such chaos and there was a lot of downtime since we weren’t inside and having access to things we normally would, so he probably just stepped in thinking he had to. But it’s like, I got it boo. Don’t worry!

On Monday we also got 2 new campers. One we didn’t know wasn’t potty trained. The camp really isn’t the place for him as he has some high needs but he seems to be enjoying himself and we have a staff member to be with him all the time so that’s good.

Tuesday I was texting Husband and he got to work a little cranky. His reply wasn’t his normal so I asked him what was wrong when he got there and he said the floor waxers said I was walking in the rooms and messing up their floors. WHICH I DIDN’T DO! So he was cranks that day, and I was cranks that day, which means that I wasn’t able to talk to him about being cranks cos I was being blamed for some of the stress he had to deal with. It was not a good day. We were kicked out of the building permanently instead of having access to one room, but he got us access again to just ONE room and NOT A FOOT PAST THE DOOR WAY. At the end of the day, I just had my staff help me pack up my car with everything we’d need for the rest of the week and we didn’t go inside at all for the next 3 days. Better to be outside and prepared than inside and stressed.

Wednesday was actually a good day. I never take a break on Wednesdays because it’s field trip day. Husband was building a picnic table for us and my new staff member who was taking over things was like “why don’t you just stay and help him? I’ll take the kids to recess” so I had 30 minutes of laying on the grass talking to the husband and helping when he needed it (legit 2 minutes out of the whole time). It was nice to have my calming person back again. The field trip was to a library for a lego building party, we lined up all our creations at the end of the 40 minutes and sent Husband a picture, he picked mine as the winner which was kind of unfair to the kids because it was a flying t-rex with guns and looked really really cool haha. We went to a park for some play time and then back to school.

Thursday, non-potty trained boy peed on me while I was holding him, then pooped in the pool 5 minutes into our hour long swim so we had to get out and do other things that day. I got a pimple RIGHT beside my nose piercing so my nostril was swollen all day which was terrifying haha. And Friday was actually a great day! Husband came to the pool and sat by the side (he’s not going in until it’s been cleaned a few more times) and we had a nice chat, and tried to get my Toronto friends to pick up some gin for him which isn’t available here HAHA

Overall, I’m happy with how camp is going! It’s a bit stressful being in charge though, but I like it. I am getting paid about $10 more an hour than at least one of my EA’s but I know she won’t tell anyone and she’s my second teacher and my backup if I’m ever not there – I totally trust her with all the secrets.

Next week is Disney themed, and then “the games we love” so I’m sure it will be a good rest of the summer. With being cursed this past week, I’m hoping all the bad vibes are done for the summer haha!


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