GF Goes on Holiday

A little tiny one!

School ended for me on June 24th, and I had a whole 9 days off until summer camp started on July 4th, so I decided that I needed to get away for a bit. Of course, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but since I have my car at least I had a little bit of freedom.

So I went to my parents’ house.

I left on the 25th, and on my way to travel this weird route my dad told me to take, I decided that I wanted to stop by the new bakery that my brother’s mother-in-law owns. She is so lovely, and since I like her way more than her daughter, I decided to go and check it out. However, I didn’t exactly realize that it was going to add an hour and a half to my already 7-hour drive. But I got there and the bakery is super cute! I talked to MIL and she recommended what bread to use for my sandwich (since I got to choose) and then sat me down in her favourite place. Mostly because I was expecting to have to pick up my food and carry it to a table and was still waiting around the counter when it was ready.

Then, I set about on my even longer drive home because now, instead of taking the highway as I am used to, I had to go through Algonquin Park which adds even more time to the drive, and for a good chunk of that time you lose reception in your car so I just had to drive in silence like a psychopath and pray that my GPS didn’t click out or I would have been in big big trouble. But now at least I know its just a straight road from one end of the park to the next.

I got to my parents’ around 7pm. My cousin and his partner are in the province visiting after Covid and I let him know I had arrived and said if they had any free time that weekend to let me know. I was exhausted and ready to just eat and sleep. He texted back that they were having marshmallows and so I got back into my car and headed the 30 minutes over to where they were and stayed until about 11 haha!! But I got to see 2 uncles, an aunt, 2 cousins and their partners, and eat lots of roasted marshmallows. So it was well worth the trip. And all the men approved of my new car!

Sunday I got to rest and relax. I did some archery in my parent’s backyard with a makeshift target out of a box that did not work very well. After 2 arrows it was broken.

Then I went to lunch with them. I also got to see another uncle who just happened to be at the diner at the same time. While there the topic of discussion was on things that make me angry as a liberal person eating with a whole bunch of Conservatives, so I left the table and talked to my uncle.

Monday I made jam with my mom.

Then went shopping with my dad. Since I have the car now, I needed a few things (like a car shovel, a first aid kit, a sun-reflector screen) and also after that huge storm in May, I decided I also needed some survival things like a gas stove and a light so that if that ever happens again, I’ll at least be a little bit ok if I lose power. Thank God that I didn’t this time! While we were out shopping, my mom called saying the tv wouldn’t come on and “what did you do to it” because apparently, it’s my fault? But what really happened was that it was just dead and my dad had to go back out and buy a whole new tv!!

My aunt came over for dinner, which I wasn’t told about so I wasn’t emotionally ready for it. I was exhausted and a warning that I was expected to be sociable would have been nice lol. It was a nice dinner and then my dad said I could use the tv box as a target! Since it was a little more stable, I was able to get some good practice in! Although I did end up with a bruise on my arm from the bow bouncing off my arm as it released haha.

I was told when I went inside that my aunt was disappointed I didn’t sit and talk after dinner. But she came out to take a shot of the arrow with me and then instead of hanging out and talking, she went back into the house.

Tuesday I went to the beach for a bit! It was a nice warmish day, and I packed a little lunch, and my book, and drove over by myself. After spending about 3 hours there, my tush was sufficiently burnt, my legs had no colour on them at all, and my freckles were blossoming into colour.

Then I had dinner with one of my best friends. It was her birthday at the start of June so we went to our favourite little place and had a lovely catch-up and dinner. Also got a piece of my favourite cherry cheesecake!

Wednesday I drove home. It was a nice enough stay but emotionally draining at the same time. Sometimes home visits are nice but other times its like everything I say or do is a subject for confrontation or discussion and its really hard.

I was roped into bringing a wedding gift for my brother back with me from an uncle. So I had to drop that off with him Thursday morning. Our interaction was cold because I have had enough of him treating me horribly through our communications and him not accepting his part in it whenever I bring it up. It’s always my fault or my attitude. But it’s his. And it has been since he got back together with his wife after she broke up with him for a year. And I’ve reached my limit of trying to navigate my own hurt feelings while still trying to talk to him.

Thursday I also went to see Imagine Monet. An art exhibit here in Ottawa which was AMAZING.

I stopped in at work for a few hours in the afternoon to get ready for my first week of summer camp. I saw the WH and we caught up. He let me know I was gonna have to wait for my set up so I decided to have a casual dating summer. I just want to have some fun. Meet some guys, go on dates, it’ll be nice.

I opened up my jam and realized it didn’t set properly but it’s still VERY yummy!!

Friday was Canada Day and since I normally don’t celebrate anyway, it was a perfect day to just chill. I went back to the gym for the first time since my injury at work, I did my nails, my laundry, I relaxed, ordered some sushi. It was great.

Sunday, my last day of holidays, I actually had 2 first dates! Both were nice but the one guy was waaayyyyy too nice for my summer of casual and the other I was hoping to see again but I’m not sure if I actually will because he seems to have disappeared since yesterday. The Roger’s network outage took him offline all day and now his whatsapp doesn’t have a picture and I haven’t gotten a message in over 24 hours. He has read my last one but since the picture is gone, I kind of think that I’m blocked… just gonna have to wait that one out.

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