Nail Art: Hearts and Gems

My beautiful GG has inspired this design!

G went to NYC for a little holiday, you can read about it from the link above, and she got her nails did, as people tend to do! And I loved her designs so much, that I decided to test one out for myself.

Here is her inspiration picture:

I didn’t want to just straight up copy her design, and it is summer here so I wanted a bit of a lighter pallet, so I decided on a peachy-orange colour and white. I also decided to put the gem right in the middle of my nail instead of at the base, just for something different. I am kind of regretting it right now buuuttttt also that’s sometimes just how the cookie crumbles haha I do like the design, and I will get used to the “not normal” gem placement.

Here is the final product:

One thing that I really love about this design, is how the hearts turned out. They are near perfection and I am sooooo happy!

One thing I want to work on is my video. I love that I am now included the destruction of the previous set and the build-up of the new nails, so it’s not just the design part, but due to how the light that holds my camera sits over my desk, I am getting my head in the shots a lot. And even after cropping out my legs, my hair is still featured in the video, and sometimes drawing the camera’s focus away from the nails and making my hand out of focus. I might have to fiddle with the height of the camera and the angle and stuff, but that’s a next-time T problem haha.

If you’re interested in seeing the video, here is the Instagram post with it!

5 thoughts on “Nail Art: Hearts and Gems

  1. So cute!! I feel like I’m almost famous, being an ‘inspiration’ haha! 🥰
    I was going to put the gem in the middle too, but the nail guy expert said “no no, at the base”, so that’s what I did ✅
    Thanks for the link, I’m glad you tried it… can’t wait to see the coloured French tips one soon 😘
    And yes, your hearts are fab ❤️
    I wish I’d got mine a little bigger like yours ❤️ xx

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