The Rum Party

Is in November…

So remember last week I wrote about my crush at work on my Work Husband? It’s actually really funny how things worked out because after we had that little text exchange it was kind of easy for my feelings to flip from crush to friend. He is still hella fine and if he ever decided he wanted something serious I’d be down to see how we fit, but for now it’s all good just being friends. Like really just being friends!

I went to work yesterday to get some stuff ready for summer camp and to do a little redecorating in my classroom. Of course, WH was there so we got to chatting a bit. I gave him his end-of-the-year gift, and we made fake plans to day drink during summer camp and make fun of my summer camp staff. I borrowed his step ladder to do my redecorating and then when I went to put it back, I thought he had left. I taped a sticky note on it that said “thanks” and was about to leave it in his office when he was in there on a call, which was on speaker. So I passed it quietly to him and took the sticky off of it. Then I was like “what the rum party!”

I grabbed a marker off his desk and wrote on the sticky “when is the rum party” because it’s Canada Day today so it would make perfect sense for them to have it today. And he mouths “November”


I gotta wait 5 more months before being introduced to his friends?! WHAT

So I silently mock him (he was still on this phone call) and show him my bruise from doing some archery over my holiday (a recap of my holiday is coming in the next couple of days, I promise) and left while he was still on the call. He found me later in my principal’s office and we chatted a bit more.

In the course of the conversation he was all “good things come to those who wait, T” and I was “you say I’m gonna get a date, you say I’m gonna get strawberry shortcake, and do I? No. I’ve waited and I get nothing” and then he got all serious and like his “dad voice” on and he’s all “look, it just takes time. *Another girl from work* waited 8 months for me to set her up and now she’s living with the guy and about to get married” “oooo you’re setting up everyone!” “no – I rarely set people up, only if there’s something special there. I’ve set up 4 people, 3 are married and then *coworker* is living together and going to get married. I know you now and it’ll be good”

BUT if he already had someone picked out, cos he has told me ALL about them, why do I have to wait?! But also that’s a great track record for him if he’s only set up 4 couples and all are either married or getting married.

I’m going to meet his buddy’s wife before then he said, and he swears we’re going to hit it off. She sounds lovely. But with the rum party being in November, it could be the same day as our coworker’s wedding, which we are both invited to and we are both going. SOOOO if that happens, WH says that we’re going to both and I’m like “well then I’m driving” cos WH is gonna be so wasted by the end of it lol

I also told him that our co-worker who is getting married has started calling him my “work husband” and after he finished laughing about it, he said he is totally fine with that so that’s good haha. I love our vibe.

I have started talking to a few new guys online and hope that I will soon be going on dates around here because I need to date. I am so ready! And I am not waiting until November to be set up by WH lol


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