Sunday Scribblings #110

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is watch.

I’m very particular about the watches that I wear. They have to be silver and semi-flashy. Like not a lot but a little bit. Like these images taken from google:

I had an amazing watch for a little bit but then it died, and I got a new one just a few months before I got a fitbit. I had put off getting a fitbit because I just wanted the step counter, but couldn’t find just a nice step counter that didn’t look like a pager from 1985. So I got a fitbit. And while it’s not the style I normally go for in wrist accessories, it’s cute and the watch function is very helpful. I also have been branching out and using the various features on it more now that I exercise more. But somedays I still wish it was a pretty silver watch with lots of pretty little stones around the circumference of the watch face.

How about you? Do you have a particular type of watch that you like to wear? Or are you more of a free spirit?

5 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #110

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  2. I feel naked if I don’t have a watch on. I mainly wear my FitBit nowadays, but have a few nicer watches, one of which is exactly as you described; silver with faux diamonds around the watch face by Fossil. I have an all black Fossil watch similar to my silver one that actually tracks my steps. They call them hybrid smart watches–you should look into them!

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