Saturday Check-In

It seems like this is my blog now…poetry on Wednesdays, Saturday whatever, and Sunday Scribblings lol

This week has been….just wow.

Work was tough. It’s now June which means that I have to do report cards (today) and alternative reports (hopefully I brought home the papers to also start this weekend), the weather is hot, and the kids and staff are all exhausted. Plus I haven’t done any concrete planning for summer camp yet and my principal needs a list of supplies to buy before camp starts.

Then at work, we had a REALLY rough day on Tuesday. Like really rough. I can’t get into the details other than a child became very self-injurious for attention and that’s not really something they have seen at the school before. The EA and the senior therapist, who is like so educated and has had so much training and experience, have never dealt with that before. The parents basically blamed the school and then had to apologize. And the future of this child at the school is kind of on the line. We can’t support that level of need. So it’s been hard.

Thankfully it was only a 4 day week for the kids, because Friday was a PD Day. So that was good. It’s doors open this weekend which means a lot of buildings are offering free admission and our whole staff is going to this old mill and getting a tour and apparently it’s haunted LOL But we are going at 11am on Sunday so I’m sure the ghost won’t be out.

We had an election here in Ontario on Thursday. I voted, as I always do unless I’m living overseas. And I don’t mind saying I voted NDP. I either vote liberals or NDP but I don’t really like the liberals all the much. I’m a socialist at heart thinking that programs and services need to be available to all people. Not so far socialist to support the fringe like communism or fascism though so don’t come at me. My brother is VERY conservative – which I don’t think comes as any surprise to anyone after what I’ve shared about his opinions before. I sent him a text after I voted and said “YAY! I has the voted” because who needs proper grammar? haha! It’s how we roll. Anyway he replies “yay! 4 more years of Dougie!” which was the Premier at the time. And I was like “ew I would never” they destroyed health care and have locked the teachers into strikes for like 2 years, it’s insane. And he’s all “did you even read their platform? They are putting money back into their sectors” YEAH AFTER THEY BROKE THEM! So I just tried to remain neutral because I don’t want every single conversation with my brother to be an issue, which is what it has boiled down to. He replies later “Yay voted to not support the socialist imbeciles” which meant I didn’t even reply. Because he’s choosing his words purposely at this point, and I take that as a personal insult. So yeah…that’s great…another nail in our relationship coffin.

The Conservatives did actually win the election. And it was a majority as well. The numbers have been changing over the last day, but now its settled that only 43% of all eligible voters in the province voted. The lowest turn out in history. And it’s honestly a full on disgrace. Voting needs to be mandatory.

I haven’t been on a single date in two weeks and that sucks cos I would love a distraction from my work crush. The word crush is very appropriate in this case because he is crushing my will to live with how much I have fallen for him. I’m over the free apps and really don’t go on them much anymore except to swipe mindlessly through them. I get paid on Friday and my “treat” for this pay will probably be getting a paid app subscription.

It’s June which means it’s Pride Month!! I’ve posted a few things on Instagram and Facebook for it, because I support the community so so so much! It’s also kind of not shocking because my brother’s wife usually likes my posts within an hour or so on both platforms, even if they are the same picture (which they usually are) and she hasn’t liked a single one this week! LOL I had a person from my old church write “I love you T!” as a comment to one post that I made (giving my support to the community and all their rights) and I wrote back that I love her too. Then in a private message said “thanks for the comment and as an ally to the community I’m asking my friends to also share the post or make their own”. She read it, and there hasn’t been a reply at all. If anyone is asking, it’s THIS that I hate within the Christian community. Sure you can say you love me (I think she thought I was coming out? I don’t know) but when asked to share that love and support publically there is dead silence. That’s not showing the love of Christ at all. And I refuse to accept that.

Anyway, that’s my weekly catch up! Come back tomorrow for my Sunday Scribblings, the topic is gingerbread and I still don’t know what I am going to write for it. If you have thoughts on this word, or it causes you to write something, please click the link at the top of the page and make sure Aaron knows you participated! I’m sure he’d be thrilled!

6 thoughts on “Saturday Check-In

  1. Big times for you at school hey? Such a challenging job…

    And thank you SO MUCH for your support and allyship with the queer community, it feels so good. Especially when you acknowledge what a background you have come from, with such different attitudes 😔
    I commend you.

    And sorry to hear you are fighting with your brother more, that’s a bummer. Sending a big hug, hoping next week is smoother ❤️🌈❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Its been a week for sure haha

      And you are more than welcome! Actually one of the things I shared on insta was originally posted by the member of my old church i mentionedin this post! So proud of her.

      Its just got to a point where i dont even try anymore. Cos whats the point really? Hes astrocising himself and it sucks

      Liked by 1 person

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