Sunday Scribblings #107

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is paperclip.

I like to be a relatively organized person, especially at work. Being a teacher means that I just have lots of files all over the place. Student files, files from parents, photocopies of things I might need to use again, originals of things that I need all the time. It is impossible to go paperless as a primary teacher.

I like to organize my things in a filing cabinet and have different hanging files with folders in them, and labels and lovely organization of lots of things.

That did not happen this year.

When I moved into my classroom, it was already decorated for me. I just changed a few things because I came with my own decoration package of hippos. And the hippos must be put up!! And the EA that I started the year with had used the filing cabinet last year for her things and she asked if I minded if she took a drawer at the bottom for her snacks and stuff. I said no worries, go ahead. I didn’t know what storage options I would need.

She took over the entire filing cabinet for her things.

And I have this plastic stack of shelves – it has like 8 drawers on it or something. Which was fine at the start of the year when I didn’t have a lot of things. But then the papers started piling up. Proper lessons started, photocopies were made, parent information started to trickle in, permission slips and things. And where do I put it all? Literally into the bottom drawer on this set of drawers to “deal with it later”. AND ITS DRIVING ME INSANE!!!

A few months ago, I started to organize it a little bit. I put labels on the drawers and started separating out the papers but since it’s just a drawer and not a hanging file situation, it’s still just a big old mess. My top drawer is all the things we need on the regular, like reports and cleaning sheets and the like. I have the originals paper clipped with a few photocopies so we have extras on hand and don’t need to run to the photocopier all the time, but then the paper clips slip onto other papers and everything just sticks together and a whole mess of random papers come out when I try to get something. GAH

I have asked the attractive operations manager to get me those inserts which let you hang files in filing cabinets for next year. We have 19 days of school left so there’s no need to get them now. What’s actually going to happen though is that I’m going to get a filing cabinet from the principal’s office haha sometimes between now and the end of the summer which is GREAT because then I can organize all my crazy papers into lovely hanging files. YAY!

My principal was a little upset that I didn’t have use of my filing cabinet this year, but I told her, the EA asked and I said yes, and the EA has offered to clean out her stuff multiple times this year but I wanted to just exist in the job for a while before having to make the choice about what I needed for next year. But next year…oooo next year will be the year of organization and labeled files and no more “papers thrown into a drawer and all the paper clips getting tangled together”

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