The Storm Aftermath

It’s been almost a full week and people are still without power.

Last Saturday, around 3pm, we were hit with a very intense wind storm. Some people say there was a tornado, but the weather people are not confirming that in the Ottawa region. My friend has some photos from outside of this apartment and it sure does look like one was forming…

But they are calling it a derecho, which according to a quick google search means “a line of intense, widespread, and fast-moving windstorms and sometimes thunderstorms that moves across a great distance and is characterized by damaging winds.”

For some, like me, it wasn’t really that bad. My power was flickering for a bit as the storm approached my area, and then when the rains hit, it was off just long enough to turn off my tv and then it was back on. And since I live in a basement, that was basically all I experienced. I left at 8:30pm that night for a booty call and had no idea the damage all over the city.

If you want to see what it was like, here is a youtube clip of various spots in Ottawa. If you’re not into some swears maybe just mute it haha.

Now a full week later and crews are still cleaning up the mess. The cleanup of the trees and things will take at least another week or two. We were told to put the branches at the end of our driveways and crews would get to them when they had time. Which is fine. My landlord had her handyman here the next day trimming the big tree in the front. Experts are saying that it hit at the worst time – the trees had all their leaves open (unlike just a week before) and the ground is soft still because it’s the early spring. Just a month later and the earth would have dried up and the root systems would have been secured better for the trees.

But people are still without power. Thousands of people. It’s been a week. 2 of my students and at least 2 of the staff that I know of. Here is a little video I did from the Hydro Ottawa website of their progress.

I was personally in the middle of 3 major power outages. And yet, I was unaffected. And I thank God every single day. I know that I have been having my issues with organized religion lately and the church specifically, but I have never lost my own personal faith. And I know that God was 100% looking out for me. With the distance between me and my brother growing basically daily, if I had no power, I would have had nowhere to go. He said (after being prompted by me days later, because he didn’t even check in on me) that his house was out of power for about 30 hours. He was out of town for the weekend, but his wife was here. I’m sure she went to her parents’ or another family member’s house.

I’m so lucky to have come out of this with no damage to my living space, no loss of power, not having to throw out an entire fridge of food or not having running water. I am so grateful and blessed. And relieved. It’s been a rough few weeks for me and I wouldn’t have been coping too well if I had to add this on top of everything else haha. But I will be buying a small butane camping stove in the near future. I told my dad and he is gonna do some research for a good one, and make a list of other things I might need in case of a power outage so we can talk about it when I’m home next, like a light and he said I MUST have good batteries for it haha.

6 thoughts on “The Storm Aftermath

  1. *sigh. I’m sad for all those still without power, but sadder still that I believe we need to plan for more & more of this disruptive weather thanks to increasing climate change. Three MONTHS since our catastrophic floods in Lismore, & many many homes are still without power, still unlivable. The CBD still doesn’t have full electricity back. We are all facing growing difficulties, so I think a gas cooker, battery light, water storage & battery radios are good plans. Sorry you’re all still dealing with this… trying times indeed ❤️💙

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  2. And a battery pack (that you keep charged) that you can use to charge your phone with. Great idea to be prepped.

    We’re about to get that weather here. The rain has started and the winds are predicted to get here in the next few hours (70km/h wind with 90km/h gusts). It’s a polar event so the temp is hovering around freezing (snowing the hills but not quite here…yet anyway).

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