4 Day Weekend

And I’m bored…

Okies, so as I wrote on Sunday, there was a massive storm here on Saturday. Well, it was very short, like 15-30 minutes in some places. But the winds were INSANE. Monday morning, our holiday Monday, 150,000 people in Ottawa were still without power. As of the time that I’m writing this, it’s still 76,558. My house is in the middle of two massive outages and I have no idea how I have power but thank God I do. I’m so grateful and blessed that I wasn’t affected by these outages.

I checked on my school yesterday and it was ok. We had power and no damage to the building. A parent had emailed me that she barely has reception, and hasn’t had power since Saturday at 3pm. She was wondering if school would be open today. So I drove by, and emailed the principal asking for direction on how to respond or if she was going to send out an email. My principal said, if there’s power we will be in person. So I text the parent, since I trust her and it was the only reliable form of communication for her. She was going to let 2 other parents know since they are all friends and I LOVE THAT!

Then at like 5pm, just after I was finished making my lunch for tomorrow, and starting to make my dinner, my phone rings. It’s the principal. She is calling to let me know that school will in fact be closed today. Both the public and the catholic boards are closed for safety. She makes a very good point: a lot of families (staff and students) haven’t had power all weekend. For more than 48 hours at that point. Gas stations in those areas can’t sell gas because there’s no power. So the gas stations in areas with power are all selling out of gas (which explains all the lines around my house). So for the safety of travel and mental health, school is closed for the day.

I text this mom who had emailed me, and she did her thing by letting others know too. The principal emailed everyone as well. So now here I am, day 4 of no work and I’m legit not enjoying it. I was up with my alarm because I’m not messing up my sleep schedule over this and because tomorrow I’m going to be going to work anyway and need to be well-rested for a meeting that I am not excited to be in. I don’t really want to drive anywhere to do things because gas is expensive and if stations are closed I don’t want to deal with that when all the power gets back on. I did fill up Saturday morning (my first time EVER) and I’m so glad that I did.

I’m going to clean my apartment which I didn’t do this weekend and then possibly just read this afternoon. Which is still boring but whatever. I could plan for lessons but who wants to do that lol

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