Nail Art: Lazy indecision

This weekend has been lazy and I love it but also hate it when I have to do my nails.

So we had a massive storm hit Ottawa Saturday, and like much of Ontario and parts of Quebec, a lot of people had no power. Thank God I was not affected. I was without power for all of one second, just enough to turn everything black and then it came back on. YAY! But my neighbourhood was not spared.

These were just two pictures I was able to get safely while driving home from the gym on Sunday.

Anyway, so with a lot of places closed and stuff, I stayed home after the gym on Sunday and I also needed to do my nails. I wanted something fun and not boring but also didn’t want to put a lot of time into it. So I decided on one of my go-to cute but not too difficult designs. It’s a colour on three nails, white on the last two. The colour get a matte top coat, and the white gets a strip of striping tape and then a glossy top coat.

But of course I couldn’t decide on a colour so I sent two choices to my bestie and she said both so I did both. And here they are:

So that’s what it’s gonna be for the next 2-3 weeks! It’s a little trippy to get used to the two very distinct sides but it’s all good!

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