Living in a Greek Tragedy

Or facing the wrath of God?

It has been a crazy few weeks in my life.

Almost two weeks ago, I had food poisoning. Once that was done, I was back at work a day earlier than I probably should have been, but whatever. The next day one of my EA’s had to take the day off because she had a very severe allergic reaction and was covered in hives. Then I picked up my car, almost an hour late to the dealership because I got stuck at work late on a Friday night.

Saturday, my one night stand from March came over. While we both finished in March, it was not super great for me, and for my first time ever having sex, I felt a little cheated. He gets a pass though because he only had an hour of sleep in about 30 hours. His job has kept him either busy or too concerned about being covid exposed to make a new meet up time. Until now. He came over, and there was no understanding that a hook up would happen again but it did. It was better I’d say but just not great.

Then Monday arrived. My dad was in town at the start of this week and we went out for dinner with my brother and his wife. Just eating that food made me feel nauseous. Maybe it was a little too heavy after having food poisoning. I spent until Thursday evening feeling very nauseous.

Tuesday morning, I had a student’s mom email and say the student had tested positive for covid. The first case in my class all year. At first recess that day, a student was on the climber and was standing at the top of a ladder, which is about 7 feet off the ground, and they FELL right into the sand on their face. The way they landed, I expected their arm to be broken or dislocated. Thankfully our health and safety manager was outside at that time. The student was able to sit up, but said they couldn’t move their leg. So the H&S Manager, who is my current massive crush, took them inside with their EA. During lunch, one of my students walked up to my desk where I keep a bottle of hand lotion. They put a pump on their hand and then just licked it off. Cos it’s lunch time so obviously lotion is a great appetizer. At the end of lunch, the same student accidentally dropped their glass lunch container on the floor, it shatters. This student has been taught to clean up any mess they make, so then they had a handful of glass. We got the glass off their hand, an EA took them out of the class while me and another EA cleaned up the area.

I announced to all the adults that I was done dealing with all other things that day. No more things were allowed to happen. I was done.

30 minutes before second recess, I start to get my kids covered in sunscreen. I get to the one who fell off the climber. They refused and had a tantrum. They had to be taken to the time-out room, and inside the padded room, the student started to hit their head off the walls. So if they didn’t have a concussion from the fall that morning, they probably did now. I had to legit RUN to get the H&S manager. And while I usually don’t mind having to talk to his fine self, this is not the reason why I wanted to be getting him. The student was fine and brought back to class.

Tuesday night I did have the chance to hang out with my dad and get a dad hug when I left his hotel room. Which honestly made the whole day better.

Wednesday, another student had to be taken to the time out room for the very first time ever, since they just had a behaviour support plan put in place. That’s always a stressful day. Their mom also had been away for work all week which affected their mood.

Thursday I was still feeling nauseous. That morning I also had diarreah which wouldn’t stop for the first hour that I was awake. I made it to work, and took my gym stuff because the night before I asked my teaching team to hold me accountable to go to the gym. By the time the end of the day came around, I was still feeling off. I was supposed to start my period that day which never came. Since my last two periods were very light, I started to get a little concerned that there might be a life-changing reason why…but I was trying not to freak out. It had been two months since my one night stand and I had had two periods since then. We used two types of protection, but there is still that last like 0.01% that something happened.

One of my EA’s yelled at me and I went to the gym. I’m glad I did because I felt pretty good after!

Thursday night, I was washing my face in the shower and something got in my eye. It was irritating and I couldn’t seem to get it out. I splashed water on my face, I couldn’t see anything in there though! I went to sleep and when I woke up, it was better but still irritated.

By the time I was set to leave for work, I had received an email that one of my students might have fifths disease, but since they had the rash already they were no longer contagious. However, if anyone is pregnant they had to be VERY careful cos it can affect the baby. Also my eye was in a lot of pain. I left early for work to get there, do the prep that I needed to do, and then leave again to head to a pharmacy for drops. I got plain saline drops and then medicated drops for infections. I was able to get some medicated drops in just as I rushed back into school for a staff meeting that I forgot that I had.

After the staff meeting, the H&S manager came around and asked if everyone was good in my class and of course since I’m crushing massively and also now comfortable around him, I sassed him and was like “no actually, we’re not, but thanks for asking” and then he saw my eye. He asked what happened and then asked if I wanted to try to flush it out with his eye washing station. We get to his office and get the bottle and head to the bathroom. He spent 30 minutes trying to flush out the eye. The saline made it feel better but the feeling of something being in it was not going away and my eye was getting very red. Also, I was completely soaked in saline. Legit it was the best part of the day because I got to spend 30 minutes with him basically alone just laughing and joking around while also trying to fix my eye.

He decided I needed to go see a doctor. So I told the principal I was being sent home and left. I went to one walk in clinic that is closest to my work and home. It was closed as it only does virtual appointments on Fridays. I drove to a second one, they were open but again only virtual appointments. The nurse there checked out my eye and said it was swollen a bit and sent me to a clinic just a few more minutes down the main road which had doctors there. I got to this 3rd clinic and by then my eye was in so much pain. I could barely keep it open. I am so happy that I have the car now and that I can drive to places instead of taking Uber. H&S did ask if I was ok to drive, and when I left work I was.

I registered and sat to wait for the doctor. While waiting, I got an email confirming fifths disease in my student so I had to email all the parents and let them know. After an hour of waiting, I was in so much pain that now my good eye was closing to help ease the fatigue on my muscles. I asked how much longer and discovered I wasn’t even on the list! My eye was now swollen shut. So they put me next and I got in to see a doctor. He put this yellow dye in it and discovered I had a massive scratch across the entire front of my cornea. He said he will give me drops and that if I don’t see a drastic improvement by morning I needed to go immediately to the emergency room and see a doctor because I could have done permanent damage and if it’s bad enough I could lose sight in my eye. WELL OK THEN!

Now two days late for my period, I decided since I was there, why not just do a pregnancy test. So I did. And was told it was negative. The nurse came out after the waiting time and gave me a thumbs up. Like what does that mean? But she said it was negative. I got my prescription as well and by the time I left I could barely keep my good eye open. I know I shouldn’t have driven home but I just wanted to get there and be safe and go to sleep. I was able to get home safely, although it was a struggle. I managed to squeeze in a little of the medication and I legit passed out for 2 hours.

When I woke up, I was able to get my eye open and have it open for the rest of the day. It was very red and massively swollen. I kept up the medication – 4 doses before bed. I was in bed by 9:30 and slept until 7:30.

Overnight, I had this horrible dream! I was in the old farmhouse I haven’t lived in since I was 12. I was giving my dog a bath (he died when I was 23), and the fire alarm went off. So I go upstairs to where the alarm is going off and there’s no fire. I’m holding the railing coming down the stairs and I see a single match on the railing just sitting there burning and I knew I was already drugged from just touching the railing. I continued calmly down the stairs and just walked out the front door to go across to the neighbours directly across the road. Yelling for help as I went. I got to their porch and was able to get in and locked the door right as the murderer reached for the door handle. It was this little boy, almost looking like a chucky doll? But I’ve never seen any Chucky movie. Anyway, he turned around and then back to face me and his eyes flashed red and he was trying to open the door. I was screaming for help and yelling “stupid stupid boy” at him and then woke myself up because I was actually talking in my sleep and saying “stupid stupid boy”.

When I woke up, my eye was still very much swollen but all other things were gone. No pain, no light sensitivity, only a little bit red.

Now, at 1:30, it’s no longer red, it’s not showing any fatigue or pain. I am keeping up with the medication 6 times per day for 7 days. But at least I can avoid the trip to the emergency room. There are no blurry spots in my vision, it doesn’t sting or burn, and the swelling has gone down drastically. It’s amazing.

I was going to start up some dating apps this past week but have pushed that choice off until I’m back to being a normal human being.

My period is still late, but since I have actual proof from a doctor that I am not pregnant, I can take that stress off my mind and just accept that my body is still adjusting to being on birth control for the first time ever and having a really sucky two weeks.

So…I’m not sure what is up with life, but I’m over it. I have had my fill of things going wrong. I’m done.

9 thoughts on “Living in a Greek Tragedy

  1. wow that’s a week! I missed the memo about the March hook up! The first time is not aways fireworks and stars so don’t judge by that. Crazy about the eye. Thank goodness you have the car. Imagine trying to navigate through all that on public transit. Hang in there!

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    • Haha the hook up was in a private post. And two months ago 😅 after a second go, I just think he’s a bit too small for me. He keeps saying its better without a condom but dude not gonna happen haha! He knows I’m starting to date so the possibility of more hookups are not there when I do meet someone.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Haha every weekend thats all I do, G! I actually had plans with friends and had to cancel all of them. I almost went to my dinner plans for a friends birthday Saturday night but by the time it rolled around my eye was getting tired so I just ordered chinese, picked it up (yay for the car and no delivery fees anymore) and then stayed home. Thankfully the eye is on the mend. Thats the most important. I might go to the gym and do a gentle hour on the treadmill just for a change of scenery this morning haha

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  3. Wowzers, T, that’s a lot! I hope you are feeling better completely now. 2022 has been a shocker of a year for me too. Onwards and upwards from here, right!! xx

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