Paint Chip Poetry

A creative poetry series!

This series is pretty simple, I post 4 colours of paint with their names and I use those names in a poem. I decided to add two extra rules for myself. First, if there are more than two words, I keep them together, only allowing punctuation to separate the words. And secondly, I use the words in the order in which they appear.

If you want to join in on the fun, feel free to create your own poem inspired by the colours below. Either drop it into the comments or link this post to your own so I can read it 🙂

Ancient law dictated
Every pixie was slated
To do their royal duty
And search for lost booty
Diving gear and flipper
Made Eleanor most chipper
Incognito in black
Looking for a hack
Thai basil most elusive
Treasure maps most conducive
To find the medical goods
Scouring the North Woods
Saving the next generation
To protect the whole Pixie nation.

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